Page Notes ~ Irresistible Forces

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Irresistible Forces, McKingley, Book #5. Enjoy.

He stood in the middle, unsure of what to make. Opening his freezer, he nodded at the sight of some frozen pizza. It had been a while since he’d had that and it would do. Once he’d turned on the oven, he pulled out the pizza and placed it on a cookie sheet.

While waiting for it to heat, he went and set the table.

“Dining on the fine china, I see,” Deyon spoke from the doorway.

He looked at the paper plates sitting on the table and nodded. “You got it. Nothing but the best for my girl.”

She wrapped her arms around him. “Is that what I am, Leonardo? Your girl?”

He rotated so they were face to face. “Have I not made that clear yet?”

She gave him a sassy grin. “Sometimes we like to hear it more than once.”


They watched Jeopardy! as they ate, having forgone the table to eat on the couch. They played along with the contestants on the TV. Leo won in the end but only because he’d wagered more on final than she had.

“You’re ruthless,” she said.

Readjusting himself on the couch so he could see more of her, he swirled the rest of his wine in the glass before drinking it. “Yes. I can admit it. I like to win.”

She pointed a finger at him. “So do I, just so you know. Don’t get used to it.”

He grinned at the challenge and said, “We’ll see.”

She sipped her own drink then shrugged. “We’ll see how well you do when the stakes are higher. Like strip Jeopardy.”

He almost choked. “Strip Jeopardy?”

“Sure. What you’ve never played?”

“You have?” One eyebrow rose when he asked that question.

“My turn to ask the questions, Sheriff. Besides, you can turn any game into strip whatever, so long as you have the requirements.”

“And those would be?”

She leaned closer and swiped her tongue over her lips. “Willing participants.” Deyon moved back to her original spot.

“And I think we have those, unless I’m mistaken.”

God, she was a tease. “Oh no. We have willing participants.”

“Good. Then that’s all we need.”

Christ, he was ready now. “So, tell me. Have you played it before?”

She got to her feet and flashed him a sexy smile. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Yes, he would. She went to the kitchen and came back with a plate of cookies.


“Hmm?” She bit into one and moaned in bliss, which nearly derailed his thought.

“Answer me.”

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries & Aliyah Burke, 2013.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ Pure Harmony

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Pure Harmony, McKingley, Book #4. Enjoy.


She was alone, as far as he could tell, and unaware of his presence. Her long, thick black hair hung down to the middle of her back, clasped at the base of her neck by a simple barrette. She wore a long-sleeved coral shirt that complemented her skin tone. She moved in time with her playing.
Captivated, he continued closer until her face was clear. It was her. He’d never forget her face. The smooth skin, delicate features and large eyes framed by doubly thick curled lashes. She was slender with a tiny waist and breasts that, he recalled, fitted so perfectly in his hands.
He knew when she noticed she was no longer alone—her fingers faltered and eventually she halted playing. Her dark brown eyes flashed with reminiscent passion before it faded and her gaze cooled. A flush skated up her cheeks, though.

“That was beautiful,” he said, ignoring the powerful impulse to touch her.

Her cheeks reddened further. “Thank you.” She ducked her head. “What are you doing here?”

Not the issue at hand for him. “You left.” He fought a chill from the ice in her eyes. Then, like the passion, it vanished to leave behind a blank slate. His gaze moved to her hands, which remained on the keys, then back to her face. The signs were there. Blatant and obvious. She was about to bolt. He moved closer and watched her eyes grow wider.

“Harmony,” he said, her name falling familiarly from his lips.

“Excuse me, Jonathon. I must go.”

He reached out for her arm. She stilled beneath his touch. “Wait.”


He wasn’t sure but he’d been unable to get this woman out of his mind since their one date and night of shared passion. Jon felt a bit out of control and it disturbed him. He liked neat, orderly, controlled situations. Even in the courtroom, he was always as prepared as he could be to ensure surprise didn’t take him. She unsettled him, rattled him, but damn it, she visited him every single night in his dreams. Now he had her, he didn’t want to let her go.

“Let me take you to dinner.” When she hesitated, he added, “We’ve been out before.”

Her flush told him she recalled exactly what had happened on that date. How it had ended up—clothes strewn all over the floor and moans the only sounds in the room.


“Now, if you can leave.” His phone buzzed in his pocket and he ignored it.


Her soft, lyrical voice had the power to make him crazy with lust. He stared as she got to her feet and slid the bench in under the piano. She wore charcoal grey slacks that hugged her hips. As he observed her, he noticed she allowed her right hand to be swallowed up by her sleeve until just her unpolished nails were visible.

He waited for her to gather her stuff and walked slightly behind her as she made her way up to the door. Close enough so the gentle scent of gardenia could be smelt and far enough to ogle the natural, seductive sway of her hips.

They paused at the door leading outside and stared at the continuing downpour. He grumbled under his breath—getting soaked and ruining his suit were not in the plans of the day. He slanted a glance at Harmony and noticed the sparkle in her eyes as she gazed out over the campus.

“Perhaps we should wait it out,” he suggested.

Silent, she led the way to a small sitting area. He claimed the chair across from her. He couldn’t take his eyes from her.

“You’re staring,” she mumbled.

“I’m sorry. I can’t seem to help myself. You look so different than you did…that night.”

A small smile lifted one side of her mouth. “Teaching a music class is hardly the place to wear a cocktail dress.”

He grinned broadly. Perhaps not, but she’d looked damn good in it. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming to McKingley to teach?”

She pursed her lips and glanced up when thunder rocked the building. “When exactly would I have done that? During our bidding war over the vase? Or after, in your hotel room?”

He flashed an arrogant grin. “So you do remember.”

Her brown eyes narrowed. “What are you doing here?”

Stretching out his legs, he made sure to touch her foot with his, craving the physical contact.

“I was here giving lectures all day. Over at the law building.”

“That’s right, you mentioned something about being an attorney.”

He was pleased she remembered. “Yes. How long have you been teaching music?”

She tensed, her entire body did. Her right hand completely disappeared inside her sleeve. Not for long, but he did notice.

“About a year or so.”

There was a story there. “Why were you so determined to get the vase?”

Her eyes sparked and he realised he’d just erred. Grievously. “Just because I’m not a lawyer doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate fine things.”

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries & Aliyah Burke, 2013.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ Burning Touch

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Burning Touch, Club Immortality, Book #3. Enjoy.

Fire raced down his spine, making him shiver.

Kariati looked over his shoulder.

His breath left him in a rush. He turned away from the door, captivated by the dancing woman. She was lush full figured temptation. Hungrily he took in her bountiful breasts, voluptuous curves and shapely legs. She turned away from him on her high-heeled, caramel-colored boots. Kariati raised his hand to his mouth and bit his knuckle to stifle a whimper. His mouth watered with the need to lick across her plump rounded ass.

He took a step towards her. The woman turned to face him. She stopped and stared. Closing the distance between them Kariati reached for her with his senses. Shocked, he watched the woman, a human woman, who had captured all his senses. Reaching her, he memorized her delectable honey-toned face, her satiny forehead, rich chocolate brown eyes with sexy lashes, sculptured cheeks, luscious lips, and round chin. The combination was an enticement he was powerless to resist. Leaning into the woman, he inhaled. Her sweet, musky arousal filled his senses. Silent, he pulled her to him. The woman came to him. Swiveling his hips, he felt her body against his. A harsh breath escaped the sensual vixen who had captured him in her thrall. Countering his movement, he held her hips. The woman followed his motions moving against his rapidly hardening erection.

He raised a hand and lifted her long braided dark reddish brown hair from her shoulder. Still moving in time with the music, Kariati lifted the edge of her braid to his cheek and stroked it along his face. He purred at the silkiness against his skin. The woman moaned softly. He put one hand behind her back, pulling her closer to him and smiled.

Halle took a breath. His heady masculine scent cloyed around her, invading her senses. When she had seen the man by the door watching her, she’d been ensnared by his powerful presence. Even from across the room, she had felt his eyes on her almost like a physical touch. He strode towards her with a confident arrogance she had found intoxicating. Each step was like a sexual movement that made her pussy pulse with wetness, preparing for his taking. The closer he came the more she wanted to be in his arms. It wasn’t until he was closer that she saw his face. She’d locked her knees to keep from falling. His sun-kissed skin made her tongue ache to lick every part she could. His thick curly lashes framed his intense blue-green gaze. The hunger in his eyes had almost brought her to her knees. Harsh planes of desire had carved his perfectly put together features—broad forehead, chiseled cheeks, lush lips and slightly pointed chin—into a savage look.

When he had partially closed his eyes and inhaled, she had gone weak. His forceful grip had kept her standing. Her pussy creamed even more at the brush of his hands on her ass. Halle had been powerless to do anything but move in time with the wanton sway of his hips. The length of his cock had rubbed against her slacks, burning a trail of heat. Cuddling into his hard masculine body she noted how they fit together. At her height of six feet it was hard to find a man who was so much taller than her. It created a feeling of fragile feminine awareness she had never experienced before. He had taken her braid and stroked it against his face. She moaned at the purr that rumbled out of his massive chest. His hot hand cupped her back, holding her close.

Reaching up, she grabbed his inky black hair. Whatever held it gave way and his hair covered her fingers. Staring into his eyes she stood on tiptoe and sealed her lips to his. The man’s decadent chuckle filled her mouth.

So soft. His lips are so soft. Murmuring she leaned into him.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2020.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ Dangerous Chance

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Dangerous Chance, Law and Protection, Book #3. Enjoy.

“Searching through a woman’s computer is as intimate as peeking into her bedroom.” Lissa spoke from the doorway.

He leaned back and glanced up at her. “Yes.”

“And I see no remorse.” Lissa came toward him.

He watched her and appreciated the innate grace in her movements. It was only by control he didn’t get hard just at the sight of her. Lissa came to the desk then around it to lean against the surface by his side. Cole leaned back and watched her.

“They said you’re called Cole Ellis and your partner Mateo Taylor— I wondered why he looked familiar he is related to Rafe, his brother. That the two of you along with Callie and Desari are going to be sort of my shadow until they figure out who is trying to kill me.” Lissa studied him. “I’m not sure that is such a good idea cause I’m too attracted to you.”

From the email he had read he already knew he and his partner and the other two had been assigned to her. There was also some support from others as they tracked down leads on what was going on. They needed to figure out why anyone would want to take out a baker. He smiled at what else she has said. She was to the point and he liked that.

“I can wait until things are figured out.” He hoped his control could hold until then.

With her this close that was being tested.

“If you are around me I don’t think I can.” Lissa scowled. “I don’t like not being in control. Don’t like feeling like this.”

He laughed. “You sound like your sister when we work together.”

“Ewwww….No comparing me to my sister when we are talking about getting physical.”

“It is physical I am talking about with your sister too.” He paused then thought of what he said. “Not that kind. Yeah I get what you are saying about not comparing you to your sister when it comes to certain things.”

“Smart man.”

“I’m known from time to time to have some good ideas.” Cole studied her then. “So do you have any ideas who is trying to kill you?”

“No.” She scowled. “I’m just a baker and I can’t think of anyone I pissed off to want to kill me.”

“Ok. Then we will need to go over each and every moment for the last few months then see if we can figure it out.” Cole leaned forward. “Tell me everything you have been doing these last few months.”



Lissa sighed. “You’re going to know all my business. There won’t be any more mystery left after that.”

“Don’t worry.” Cole lowered his voice. “There is so much more that I’ll want to know about you once this is done.”

Lissa inhaled then leaned closer. “We’ll see about this when you are done with business.”

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2020.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ Dark Rapture

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Dark Rapture, Dark Legacy, Book #3. Enjoy.

“How did you find me? What are you doing here?” she snapped.

“I Googled you and found out what precinct you worked out of. Imagine my surprise that you were only a few blocks away from Wilde Hotel. As for why I’m here… I’m an old-fashioned man who likes to say goodbye to my bed partners.” Darius’ tone was mild.

“It was just sex. Just last night. I thought you understood that. No morning after and all that needed.” She ran her fingers through the back of her hair.

Darius reached up and took her hand. He held it in his. With his other, he raised her face and looked her in the eyes.

“I did understand, and I agreed to it for the night. But, in case you didn’t realise, it’s morning. So the night is past. And now I want you to stop running and think about this.”

He kissed her. All thoughts fled from her head. His kiss was soft and more devastating than if he had ravished her. That she could have handled and dismissed. The tenderness unravelled her. Holding her against his solid frame, he seduced her with a kiss. Made her forget all else but being in his arms. Nia sighed, moulding her body to his. Darius made a pleased sound and continued his sensual assault.

Nia gripped his shoulders, moaning. His fingers smoothed under her breasts, making them ache for him to taste them. They hadn’t got to that last night. She wanted him to bite them and suck them until they were sore and well used. Darius pulled back, hands laced loosely around her waist. His blue eyes were possessive and tender. Her pussy flooded even more at the look.

“We don’t even know anything about each other,” she whispered.

“Then get to know me. Be with me, Nia. The choice is yours. Next time you come by, plan on spending the night again. This time, bring a bag so you don’t have to rush away to get ready for work,” he said.

“That isn’t the reason I left,” she admitted.

“I know.” A small smiled curled his lips.

“You make me lose sense. I don’t like it,” she snarled.

“Ditto,” he countered.

Nia paused, biting the inside of her cheek. Darius raised one hand and gently rubbed it against her cheek, stopping her. She turned her head and kissed his palm. He went still. Nia glanced at him. Darius’ eyes were brimming with emotion. She lowered her gaze, not sure what was happening between them.

“When you’re ready, come to me,” he whispered.

Darius released her. Nia raised her head and frowned at his retreating figure.

“Why do I always have to come to you?” she yelled.

He turned to face her, walking backwards. “Because this time it’s your turn.”

Nia scowled. He was right, damn him. If she thought about it, in the alcove he had come to her. Then she had gone to him last night. Now, today, he had come to her. The next move would be hers.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2020.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ Unexpected Dare

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Unexpected Dare, Impulse, Book #3. Enjoy.

Soon, Vanessa made her way back toward the dining room then she stopped short when she saw Stephen relaxed against the wall. She could have continued and not acknowledge him at all, instead she strolled over to him in such a sexy way.

Stephen took it as a good sign that she did. Just the way she walked made him want to take her somewhere private.

“What do you want?” she asked as she glared at him.

He straightened from the wall and gazed into her eyes. “You, but that’ll come later as we get to know each other better.”

Rolling her eyes, Vanessa snapped, “Does that line really work for you? Please give me break.” She turned to go.

He stopped her by grabbing her arm.

She glanced down at his hand on her arm then up at him. “Don’t touch me without my permission.”
Stephen released her and ran his fingers through his hair. “Sorry—I wouldn’t. I don’t…” He sighed then rubbed his hand down his face. “I’m—can we start over?”

Vanessa seemed amused. “You’re flustered. That’s cute.”

“Oh, hell. Don’t say that.”


“Cute is the kiss of death for a guy.” Stephen waved his hand. “It’s for puppies, kittens or little orphans. Or men women put into the friend category, never to be taken out of it. I don’t want to be that.”

“Wrong.” Vanessa studied him. “You are cute when you are unsure. And even saying or thinking that doesn’t make you less attractive to me.”

“You find me attractive?” Stephen smiled.

Vanessa rolled her eyes. “Don’t let it go to your head.” She crossed her arms under her full breasts.

Before he could catch himself, his eyes tracked her movements. He glanced up quickly to her face.

She smirked at him.

“Okay. I’m sorry, again. You’re a beautiful woman. A woman I’d like to get to know better,” Stephen said as he raised his hand to touch her cheek.

Vanessa caught his hand before he could touch her. Her eyes narrowed as she stared at him.

Passively, he stood and let her look her fill.

Her eyes went from his face down to his tall muscular body then her gaze returned to his.

Stephen was caught off guard as she let go of his hand, stepped into his body and sunk her hand into his hair to bring his head down to hers. Vanessa drew Stephen to her and ran her tongue along the seam of his lips. Startled, he opened his mouth. She stroked her tongue deeply between his lips, lapping inside all the crevices of his mouth.

Stunned at her kiss, he didn’t respond at first.

What are you doing? Kiss her. A voice in his head advised which sounded suspiciously like Alec.

He held her tightly and kissed her back with equal hunger. Growling deep in his throat, he sucked her tongue into his mouth. Vanessa whimpered softly as he took control of the kiss and deepened it. Tongues clashing, they strained against each other.

She jerked away from him and blinked rapidly, revealing those glazed hazel eyes.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ Risky Pleasures

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Risky Pleasures, McKingley, Book #3. Enjoy.

Time passed and, close to closing, Archer was by his truck when a tingle ran up his spine. Lifting his head, he watched as a green jeep pulled in. The stiffening in his pants told him all he needed to know—it never failed, his body always knew when Delicia was around. He watched her climb out and look around.

Damn, she made that look good. She wore her uniform, a short sleeved light blue shirt and reflective EMS trousers. Her hair was back in a French braid and he longed to release it. Licking his lips, he shut his truck door and ambled over to where she stood talking to Mark, another one of his mechanics—a trainee actually, but he was a quick learner.

“Delicia,” he said upon his approach.

Her amazing brown eyes, reminding him of chocolate mousse, flicked up and widened slightly. “Mr Bennett,” she responded.

He disliked her calling him Mr Bennett but let it go for the moment. It was her thing, what she did when others were near. “Something I can help you with?”

Mark took the hint and walked away, leaving them alone. She looked just about everywhere else, except at him. And Archer realised she was nervous around him.

“Delicia?” he asked, stepping closer and inhaling the scent of tangerines that surrounded her.

“Hi…umm…I’m sorry to stop by without a…um…appointment, but I needed my oil changed, if possible.”

“Of course. I’ll do it for you right now.”

Her gaze flew up to meet his and he sent her what he hoped was a disarming smile. His cock stirred when her tongue sneaked out and wet her lips.

“If you’re sure. I don’t want to make anyone stay late.”

He held her stare. “It’s fine. Keys in the ignition?”


“Go on in to the waiting room and have a seat. I’ll be done in no time.”

Reaching out, he turned her and gave her a gentle nudge towards the main door. The urge to draw her closer and kiss her swarmed him. He clenched his hands into fists and repressed the desire. Instead he just watched her walk towards the door and with one look back at him, she slipped inside.

Archer walked to her Jeep and paused right before getting behind the wheel. A throat clearing behind him pulled his attention from the vehicle. He turned to find Mark there.

“Want me to get this one, Risk?”

“No, it’s okay, Mark. I got it.”

A knowing smile curved up Mark’s lips and he narrowed his gaze in response. “Sure thing, boss. I’ll go clear a bay for you.” Hand outstretched, he offered the plastic seat cover then walked off.

“Do that,” he muttered, protecting the seat then getting behind the wheel.

Delicia had a six-speed Wrangler and he could tell she did a lot of outdoors stuff—her vehicle was decked out for it. There was nothing girly about this Jeep. And he liked it. Before long, he was draining the oil and checking air pressure on her tyres. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see his employees watching him closely.

“What?” he asked Mark who continued to hover around.


With a grunt, Archer looked at Mark. A seventeen year old boy who had been working here since he was fourteen. The kid was a whiz with cars and loved nothing more than working on them, despite only having been actually working on cars for a year—before that he’d cleaned up around the shop.

“You sure seem to be interested in what I’m doing for a man who’s claiming nothing. You got nothing else to do?”

“Well, it’s just that…how well do you know Lis?”

Biting back his growl at the familiar way Mark spoke about Delicia, he swallowed. “What are you looking to know?”

“I…I…” A flush moved up the boy’s dark cheeks and he figured it out.

“She’s older than you, you know.” Archer poured in the oil.

“I know, but…”

“She’s got a man, too, Mark. I’m sorry.” He capped it and wiped his hands off on a rag from his pocket.

“She does?” He sighed. “Who?”

Waiting until the young man looked at him, Archer then said,

He stepped from the hood and slammed it shut. Going to the driver’s side, he got in and drove through and around to the front. Once in the waiting room, he walked up to where Delicia sat thumbing through a magazine and said, “You’re all set.”

Delicia looked up at the sound of Archer’s deep timbre. The moisture in her mouth vanished as she stared at him. This man is just too damn fine. With what she hoped was a normal smile, she pushed to her feet and stood before him.

“Wow. That was fast. Thank you. For taking me.” Okay, that was not supposed to be said. She squeezed her eyes shut and wished she were anywhere but where she was. “I mean, for taking care of my car.”

His gaze burnt hot when she met it again and there was this hint of knowing within the depths of his eyes. “No problem. Anytime, Delicia.”

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries & Aliyah Burke, 2013.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ Best Laid Plans

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Best Laid Plans, Rowan, Book # 1. Enjoy.

He leaned in and she met him. His kiss was gentle yet through. They hadn’t even greeted each other hello yet but somehow it felt right no words had been spoken. Garret slid his hand along her waist and pulled her into his muscular frame. Maura leaned against him reveling in all that wonderful strength. Another thing she hadn’t known she was a sucker for-—someone whose hold made her feel safe yet vulnerable all at once. Maura stiffened. No man would ever make her that way again. Garret pulled back slightly looking at her with those damn all seeing eyes.

“Hello.” He rubbed his thumb along her side.

Bare skin. She wished fervently for magic powers so she could be naked and he could touch her with those fingers. You’re such a hussy. Maura chuckled then said, “Should I say the other part to the song?”

“Which one?” Garret smirked. “There are quite a few of them out there.”

“I love Adele’s as well as Lionel Richie’s version which uses the word ‘Hello’.” Maura hummed a few bars of each.

“Hello is a great word to use.”

“It can convey so much according to how it is used.” Maura lowered her voice and said, “Hello.”

“DD don’t do a come-hither voice on me unless you want me to take you to the nearest flat surface,” Garret said then groaned.

“Who said a flat surface is needed?” She smirked. “A wall is a very useful thing. It isn’t just used to separate rooms or us from the outside world. Poor walls are so unappreciated for their other valuable uses.”

“Woman.” He growled.

“Man.” She widened her eyes and wiggled her eyebrows. “Now that we have it straightened out what we each are, shall we go?”

Garret stared then chuckled. “Woman, you’re going to drive me nuts.”

She stepped closer to him and spoke by his ear. “You have no idea.”

Garret glanced at her sharply and inhaled. The flare of his nostrils and the determination in his gaze made her pulse race. Maura licked her lips and he followed the movement with his gaze. He lifted his hand and stroked a finger softly against her lip. Maura followed his touch with her tongue then caught his finger between her teeth. The intensity in Garret’s gaze increased. Maura locked her knees wondering how fast they could get naked. From the look in his eyes, Garret would be more than willing to oblige her. Maura moaned and moved closer ready for anything he could give.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ If You Were Mine

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from If You Were Mine, Zander Oaks, Book #2. Enjoy.

Seneca paused before the door and wiped her hand down the side of her jeans. She rang the bell and waited. The door opened and she stared into Carlton’s eyes.

Carlton pulled her to him and kissed her. His hands on her hips made her stiffen then relaxed.
He kissed her as if she was his. Seneca opened for him and moaned as his tongue swept inside of her mouth. She met him returning the kiss hungrily. Seneca leaned against him and placed her hands on his firm chest. The muscles rippled under her fingers and she dug them in. He groaned and held her tighter then gentled the kiss. Carlton pulled away but kept his hands on her hips.

“Hi.” He smiled and the warmth in his gaze made her breath catch.

“Hi.” She cleared her throat. “Ummmm…that was a greeting.”

“I know.” He smiled sheepishly. “I was thinking of you on and off all day. I was coming to see you but Clarice said she needed to speak with me.”

“Oh…did you speak with her?” Seneca hoped the kid was smart enough to just say she was faking acting out and not all the other stuff.

“Not yet. Was just about too.” Carlton smiled. “But then you’re here.”

“I have something for you.” She looked at his lips. “But first.” She kissed him thoroughly figuring it would be the last. She withdrew and pressed the USB into his hand. Seneca stepped back. “Watch this.” She bit her lip. “And I understand we won’t be together.”

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries, 2018.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ The Best Thing Yet

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from The Best Thing Yet, McKingley, Book #2. Enjoy.

Deiter unhurriedly ran his gaze along the languid form of the woman beside him. Arissa Wright. She had a body to die for, curves that made him want to get down on his knees and give thanks to the Almighty. Her skin was dark brown and flawless, and her pixie-style haircut was reddish-gold in colour. When he’d stared into her light brown eyes, they’d been filled with intelligence and more than a smattering of humour. And yet, beneath that there lingered the tell-tale signs of one who’d seen too much.

He had been on his way to a pool when his gaze had landed upon her. Deiter had almost tripped over his feet. Never had a mere glance struck him more than it had when he’d first seen her. Her peach tank top complemented her sheer sarong, which had patterns of blue and white swirls. The way her dark smooth legs peeked out made his body shift into overdrive. A quick glance at her feet showed him her nails dressed by a French manicure, which matched her fingernails.

Her voice was something old singers had—velvety and slightly smoky. It grabbed him down low and stroked all the way up, setting him aflame. Even when his body had been semi under control, he hadn’t wanted to move on. There were lots of attractive women on this ship but none had turned his head until now. Every inch of her was luscious. He wanted to spirit her away to a secluded area and peel away what little clothes she wore and…

Deiter looked away from Arissa to see the cocktail server had returned with their drinks.

“Thank you,” he said with a slight smile as she placed them down and removed Arissa’s nearly empty glass.

“You’re welcome.” Without any further comment, she slipped away.

He put his attention back on Arissa. Long curved eyelashes rested against satiny smooth skin. At least, it appeared like satin to him. Deiter longed to reach out and trace his finger along her full lips. Then taste them, over and over again. Another wave of longing flowed through him.

Sitting up, he reached for his drink and took a sip. A grimace crossed his face. It had tasted much better when he’d drunk it from her glass.

“Why’d you order tea if you don’t like it?” Her question reached him.

Deiter was struck by the amusement in her eyes. He turned his body towards her and leant back again, smiling.

“Yours tasted different. Better.”

She grinned up at him as stirred the drink with her straw. “You didn’t squeeze the lemon.”

His eyebrow arched. “Excuse me?”

Her smile grew as she shook her head in amusement and pointed a finger at the tall glass. “The lemon. I squeeze mine into the tea and mix it up.”

Deiter did as she’d recommended and the next taste was more similar to the way hers had tasted. “Oh, way better. Thank you.”

“No prob.”

His cock jerked in his jeans as her mouth curled around the red straw. Damn. If I could just feel those lips curled around my… Abruptly he stopped that thought. No need to behave like a caveman. This trip was not about meaningless sex. Are you sure? His libido taunted. Who said it would be meaningless with her? Have you looked at her? I mean…hello! Grinding his back teeth, Deiter strove for control.

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All Rights Reserved.

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