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mmjbkbtn-new1Uno Queen Diva…


mmjbkbtn-new2Uno Queen Diva…

One of my fondest memories is playing Uno with my family or friends…then crushing them as I win. *snicker* I am a great winner. And if I lose 🙁 well I’m good about it then plan my next win so I can retain my Uno Queen Diva crown. The name Uno Queen Diva and crown (nickname and figurative crown) was given to me by my family. It’s a friendly tease and loads of fun. 🙂

To me Uno is all about having a great time and of course building memories with family and friends. We play Uno at least once when we are all together and each time we build new memories. And of course we have loads of laugh and teasing. 🙂


Did you know there are many types of Uno? There is the original cards version of Uno of course but then there are also many different variations and I have many of them. There are online games, handheld and so on. Yep I have many of those too. And I have played many of them. I have so many fond times tied to Uno and no matter how often we play it is all about the camaraderie between the players.

Now that I’ve shared a little about Uno and my love of the game maybe you also love it too or if there are other games you play share with me on facebook or any of my social media. Or even email me.

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