Snapshot ~ Unexpected Chance

There are many ways I think of words. One is as a snapshot which forms a picture in your mind of what is on the page. With each of my books I’m sharing this with you…snapshot.

Here’s one of my books.

Unexpected Chance
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Rowan, Book #17

Available Now at:

Apple Books:

A chance can create a firestorm of emotions you never expected…

Want to check out the rest of series here is the Amazon series page ~

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Book Birthday On My Birthday Tradition

This month is my birthday and I like to celebrate for the entire month. This year I decided to restart a tradition I used to do on my birthday.

Next Tuesday is my birthday. How do I celebrate a birthday my way?

Release a book on my birthday. But since I like mischief, misbehavior and mayhem. LOL. I decided to ramp it up. So this is how the conversation went with myself.

Self: yay our birthday month is coming up. I love when we celebrate for the whole month.

Me: yeah I’m taking a break for birthday month August. Will have any books I will be releasing that month already loaded. Yippeee….not doing anything especially on day of my birthday.


Me: blink blink.

Self: you have releases on your birthday.

Me: blink blink. Wait…what…no

Self: Yep. Chop chop get to work.

Me: *hangs head and sighs* I hate you.

Self: *smiling brightly* I love you too. *pats shoulder* now get to work. August will be here soon.

Me: *whimpers* but it’s my birthday. My birthday month. I want to celebrate. Be all loose and stuff. Unleash the kraken. Come on. Why do I need to have releases on my birthday?

Self: We are celebrating. Remember when we used to do this. Have a release on your birthday.

Me: Vaguely.

Self: You know you remember. Having a book release on your birthday. It’s a birthday and a book birthday. You love it.

Me: *smiling* I do. Okay I’m in. Back to an old tradition and making it new. Book birthday on my birthday.

Self: *looking smug then getting a gleam in their eye*

Me: *whimpers and slumps down to try to be invisible*

Self: You’re not invisible.

Me: I hear that sarcasm.

Self: Multiple.

Me: Multiple?

Self: You’re really slow on the uptake today. Must be you’re getting old.

Me: *flipping self off*

Self: you do know you are flipping your own self off.

Me: I know but it makes me feel better.

Self: Whatever floats your boat. *wicked smile and that gleam in their eye again* You know how I like multiples

Me: *snicker* you naughty girl

Self: get your mind out of the gutter. You can go there later. *winks* Look at my lips. *mouthing the words*

Me: *reading then blink blink. Sliding off the chair and curling in a ball.* I hate you.

Self: Again I’m you. This is all you.

Me: I’m not having multiple book releases on my birthday.

Self: *pats shoulder* you keep telling yourself that sweetie.

Me: I will do the tradition of having a book release. *glares at self* But I’m not having multiple book releases on my birthday. I AM NOT.

Self: *smiles and has that gleam in their eyes*

Me: *closes eyes and pretends to be invisible*

Self: You are not a superhero so you have no powers of invisibility.

Me: You don’t know if I am a superhero or not. I have awesome powers.

Self: Really!

Me: There is that sarcasm again.

Self: I want thinking more snark. Wait that’s one of your superpowers. Snark.

Me: Sarcasm. Mischief, Misbehavior and Mayhem. Just a few of my powers. I am a superhero.

Self: *claps hands* Yeah you are. Go you!

Me: *looking at self suspiciously* You are stroking my ego to get me to have multiple book releases on my birthday.

Self: *looks offended and flutters lashes.* Would I do that?

Me: Yes. You are me and I would. Yeah I would and not even be sorry.

Self: *smiles and has that gleam in their eyes*

Me: *flips self off*

Self: You know –

Me: Yeah I know I am insulting myself.

Self: and you feel better. *gives me a hug*

Me: I’m not having multiple book releases on my birthday. I AM NOT.

Self: ok *smiles and has that gleam in their eyes*

Me: *arguing*

And it went on from there. Insults and protesting. Loads of snark and superhero power talks. Now here we are in August.

My birthday is next Tuesday and self won. So back to how I celebrate my birthday.

For 2019

5 books releasing in total for all my alter egos.

multiple genres – contemporary, romantic suspense and scifi

And boom that is how I celebrate my birthday. *booty shaking and humming my own made up song that I am a superhero while ignoring my self arguing I can’t be*

Yep. I am a superhero. Maybe…or maybe I am just a woman who takes her birthday celebration to epic levels of mayhem. LOL.

Book Birthday On My Birthday Tradition

And as I mentioned this is a tradition I am bringing back and plan to do each year. The amount of releases will differ from year to year but there will hopefully be at least 1 release a year so I can have Book Birthday On My Birthday.

More on the books for this years Book Birthday On My Birthday will post soon. 🙂

Back…been a while

I’m back. Been a while since I posted here. I’ve missed it. Now I’m back. 🙂

So quick catch up. Had load of stuff happening. Lots of releases and more planned for rest of year. If you want to see what I’ve had released check my name at almost any place you get books (Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, iBooks, Kobo, and etc.)

I have a lot of other stuff and will be sharing around when it happens. 🙂
I’m working on updating my site to reflect the books I have out as well as coming soon. It’s been a while for that too since I’m working on a site slight redesign so bear with me.
Well that’s a quick catch up for now. Will be posting more often again. 🙂

2018 Plans

Happy 2018 everyone! I wish you a great new year with loads of fun and time with those you love. May this be a stellar year.

With the dawn of a new year I’m again thinking of my goals for the upcoming year. There are lots of plans I have for this year.  This will keep me accountable for them.

Here are some of my plans for 2018: (Some are the same as before and others amended or new)

Main Plan: Keep Writing.

2018 Plans:
~ Release 6 books for this year
~ Continue revising my books that are completed
~ Self-publish some of my books/series

So that’s some of my 2018 plans. What are some of yours for 2018?

2017 Goals – Review

mj2017goalsPosted my goals at the start of 2017, now it’s time for a review. Checking to see how I did on the goals I set.

Here are some of my goals for 2017: (Some are the same as before and others amended or new)

Main Goal: Keep Writing.
Status: Meet I wrote alot.

2017 Goals:
~ Release 2 books for this year
Status: Meet I wrote a few books this year.

~ Continue revising my books that are completed
Status: Meet. I revised some books and am pleased with results.

~ Post my newsletter and press kit on a more regular basis
Status: Sort of Meet. Did post it a few time this year.

~ Self-publish some of my books/series
Status: Meet. Released many books this year. This is list.
Unpredictable Dare –
Royal Impulse –
Legacy in the Elementals anthology –
Crimson Rayne in the Alchemy and Arcana box set
Kiss of Offering in the Venom and Vampires box set
Challenge –
Dangerous Chance –
Spark –
Smolder –
Royal Risk –

~ Submit some of my completed books to publishers
Status: Not Meet. Doing more indie books.

Reviewing the goals I set for 2017 let’s me know what I did for the year. Didn’t meet many of my goals but working on them so I’m glad with that. Tomorrow I will be posting my 2018 goals be sure and come by to share your goals too.