My 1st Keurig Memory…

mykeurigOpened the Keurig my big sis got for me for Christmas. For more on what I mean go here.

Used it for the 1st time and made some tea. I went with the Lemon and Ginger from the pic of k-cups I had. It was delicious. And I had my first moment that has become a memory. I thought of last year this time with my family and about this year that although we are not geologically in same location we are in each other’s thoughts and hearts.

For my 1st cup I used my St. Thomas mug my brother-in-law gave me this summer. 🙂 Now I need to think of a name for my Keurig (As mentioned before I name my gadgets. Don’t you? Stop looking at me weird.). Off to drink my tea and think of names.

Hope you are making memories too.

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Keurig Memory…

kandkcupMy big sis sent me a Keurig a few weeks ago & I’ve been so good & waiting till Christmas to open it. Been shaky the last few days. And nephew came by & wasn’t any help & was prodding me to open it. Bad nephew.
Made it through yesterday. Hmmm…lookie at these k-cuups & I wonder if I will make it .
A little back-story on Keurig. Last year on my trip (went to St. Thomas after my Hawaiian cruise) during holidays to see my big sis, brother, brother in law & whole lot of family was such a wonderful time & memories. One of those memories is of two Keurig’s. My big sis had bought one for herself for Christmas & asked me to set it up (I’m the go to for stuff like this in my family). I was confused since she didn’t drink coffee & whenever I heard Keurig mentioned it was about coffee. She told me there’s tea, cider & even soups…mind was blown & I wanted one. She was like damn she wish she’d known. Big sis also gotten one for my brother & when we went to his place for Christmas we opened it (I set that up to). We shared hot beverages of our choice, laughed, played Uno & made memories using a Keurig for the 1st time.

Fast forward to this holiday. I’d planned to be there but due to some stuff at day job I couldn’t. She sent me a Keurig & I know my sister & she had planned to give me the Keurig this year when I came home for the holiday but instead had it shipped to me so I had it for holiday. My family believes in moments that make memories so I know she did this because of that memory from last year. This year I’m alone (my nephew flew out to join them for holiday) she wanted me to have that memory this year. I’ll open the Keurig & think of her as I have my first cup . When I call them tomorrow I’ll be having a cup (ref pic) & they will too. We’ll have another memory for this year.

It’s not about the Keurig but what it represents-moment with my family, that is now treasured memory.

I know you spotted the coffee in my various K-cups. I don’t usually drink coffee but…caramel is my weakness so gonna try this. Can’t wait. So tick tock to opening the Keurig & making more memories.

Hope you are making memories too.

Gadget – MP3 Player

I enjoy music and love my MP3 player. It is filled with some of my favorite music. I have play lists for various moods I might be in. When I am happy I listen to love songs, country and some R&B. If I need a little pick me up it is some rock and alternative music. All on my MP3.
I have play list also according to what I am writing. Music creates such a variety of emotions. It helps my writing along. An my MP3 is an essential tool in my writing. I flip to my play list then put on my headphone and off I go with the writing.

My MP3 has seen me through many parts of my various books. The pivotal love scene. The black moment or those difficult to write scenes to write. I’ve been inspired to write when I feel like I can’t do anymore. All due to my MP3 player and the music it provides me.

My E-Book Reader and Me

I got a Sony E-Book Reader a little over a year ago. I did some research before I decided on the Sony. I love my Sony reader. It has saved me a lot of money on ink. I used to print out my e-books to read. Anyway I walk with my reader on the train when I go to my day job. Before no one paid me any mind when I pulled it out. But lately more and more people seem to know what the e-book reader is. I’ve gotten questions and had very interesting discussions on what the reader can do and what types there are.

It is fun letting people know about it and my opinions on the other types of readers. I do make sure they know I have only used the Sony so my opinions on others is limited. Usually the first question I get is how many books I can hold on it. When I tell them they look shocked then intrigued. That is one of the things that drew me in. The amount of books I can have on the reader and not have to worry about breaking my shoulder. Imagine carrying around 100 paperback books. Oy.

It is very awesome when I get questions about my reader. The awareness of e-books and readers are growing and it is great. So as I ride my train to work and anyone asks me about my e-book reader I tell them about it and all the books out there to read. I take my reader when I travel and it saves me having to worry about the price of overweight of packing paper books into my bag. Now don’t get me wrong I still love the feel of paper books in my hands (that gives me an idea for a future blog. LOL). I still buy lots of books in paperback. Mostly from series I have started and mainstream published books. I use my reader for mainly books from various e-pubs I frequent.

I’ve also noticed more and more people using readers on the train and when I travel. I’ve even compared my reader to others types. On the train once I exchanged my reader with someone who had a Kindle. We checked each others readers out and then others noticed and asked about them. It turned out to be a very informative and fun conversation.

Gadgets Galore

Okay I have a confession. I love gadgets. (grin) Get me near an appliance section or in a computer section of a store and my eyes glaze over and I want to but everything. LOL. I was looking around my office the other day doing some organization in my files and desktop computer when I decided to also organize my laptop. I haven’t really fiddled with it in a bit. As I did I realize I needed to make a trip to the office supply store. My heart started to race and I got a peep in my step. (grin) Did I mention I love visiting the office supply store? So off I went and when I got there I had to control my impulse to buy more than I needed. I was proud of myself I stuck to my list. So I had a nice conversation with the tech about external drives, wireless mouse, and wireless routers (yes I don’t have wireless on my laptop. I am so behind but I’ve been resisting it because I was trying not to buy any new gadgets).

After comparing the different offerings I got what I went for. I couldn’t wait to get home to hook up everything. First I got my new wireless mouse for my laptop all hooked up. Had a little fun playing with it. Next I tackled the external drive I also got for the laptop. I have one already for my desktop and love it. I got a portable external drive that is the size of a paperback book for my laptop. Got it all up and running. Since I wanted my desktop files to also be on my laptop I downloaded all my files from desktop to the external drive for my laptop then uploaded it to the laptop. Once that was all done I was happy. Since by that time it was late I decided to wait before hooking up the wireless. Plan to get to that sometime in the next few weeks.

So what new gadgets have you bought?

E-book Reader Wager ~ Wicked Laughter

sony-portable-reader-system1thumbnail.jpgCome on sing it with me.

I am the champion
I am the champion
Of a Sony E-Book Reader

Yeah I won. {Wicked Laugh} The friendly wager I had with Taige on who could finish reading the new JD Robb book Strangers in Death is done. And I am the victor. (booty shake) Oh yeah. The book was good and I won the e-book reader. Now my not having ink to print out my ebooks is over. The reader is ordered and on the way to my house. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. The pic is a holder until I get the real thing then I’m taking pic for your to see.

Now I have to admit something. I rarely gamble or bet on anything and neither does Taige. We always complain to each other that we don’t win anyway. LOL. Well this time I won for a change and although Taige loss she won in a way. She finally made a choice of the e-book reader she wanted. LOL.

And since me and Taige are wacky we already have another bet we’re hashing out the details on. We already know the prize for this one. A shopping spree for more books for our e book readers. (rubbing hands greedily)

Until then I’m going to bask in my victory. {humming I am the champion under my breath}

E-book Reader Wager

The new JD Robb book Strangers in Death come out tomorrow. Since I love this series and my friend Taige loves it too. We made a friendly wager. The bet is to see who will finish reading it first. So as soon as the store opens tomorrow we’re going to go and but our books then go to our respective corners and read. May the best reader win. {Grin} The big fat prize for the wager is a Sony E-Book reader. Oh yeah. Besides reading a book I’m sure I’m going to enjoy. I get an e-book reader. If you read my out of ink post you know I need one.

It is so on to see who wins first. {singing the rocky theme song under my breath as I stretch those reading muscles)

Bring it on Taige, that reader is mine.