Alter Egos

In case you’re not aware I write under multiple pen names. Each name is very distinct in my mind.

So just a little about my trio of alter egos. Yep I write under three names. 🙂 I’m about to give you a brief overview of all of them.

They all crazy…they are. They don’t let me sleep and are nuttier than a fruit cake. They’re like trying to train a cat and anyone with cats know they do what they want and you’re just go with what they want. Yeah you have no control over them. So besides being crazy here are some insights into them. This is from the post I did on each of my alter egos blog.

McKenna Jeffries is my sensual, sassy pen name. She is the misbehavior maker. 🙂 She was also my first pseudonym. She has been writing longer than all the other names.

Taige Crenshaw is my sizzling, sassy and adventurous pen name. She is the mayhem maker. 🙂 She came along second.

Talia Carmichael is my fills the craving and has spice, laughter and loads of fun with that pen name. She is the mischief maker. She came along third.

So that’s the short version about my alter egos. Sometimes I might cross-post stuff for all the alter egos. Mostly through they all have their own sites, blogs and social media. As mentioned they are distinct in my mind.

If you are interested in the longer explanation about my alter egos read here –