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McKingley - Vol. 1



Co-written with Aliyah Burke

Totally Bound

July 2013

ISBN #: 978-1-78184-616-2

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial

Series: McKingley, Includes Book 1 & 2

Format: Trade Paperback


All the Wright Moves

Author Note: This is a re-release of a previously published book.


Book one in the McKingley series.

An attraction that was right from their first meeting.

Savvy software designer Warwick Taylor's multi-billion dollar corporation develops cutting edge computer technology. He had made lots of sacrifices—personal and professional—to get where he is. The loss of his wife many years ago has taught him many tough lessons about life and love. Time was precious and you must take every moment as it comes. During the installation of the computer donation he made to a local community centre, Warwick is swept away by the dedication of the centre’s owner. Deciding to take a chance, Warwick opens himself to the possibilities…

After years of hard work, Katiya Wright finally has her community centre, The Oasis, running smoothly. The large donation of computers for her new computer program is a godsend. The man who comes to set them up makes her break her no dating rule. When she finds out who he really is she knows that he is way above what she is used to. Warwick however has other ideas and refuses to be pushed aside. He challenges Katiya to step out of her preconceived notions and give them a chance.

Will they have enough to sustain this unexpected meeting? Can she get past their differences and see him as the man he is… the man that may be the Wright move to make.

The Best Thing Yet


Book two in the McKingley series.


All it takes is a single glance.


Arissa Wright loved her job as an Emergency Room doctor in Chicago. She was scheduled for this overdue vacation before she began getting ready for her new job, in her hometown of McKingley, New Mexico. Returning home was leaving her with a lot of mixed emotions and so this vacation was just what she needed. What she hadn’t counted on was the man she met on the fourteen day cruise in the Caribbean.


Deiter Schneider worked for the government as a translator. He loved his job, for it allowed him to travel all over, meeting new people, and seeing new places. But he needed a break, and for that reason, he found himself booked on a Caribbean cruise. When he saw this one woman, he had to stop and introduce himself.


Each day they spend together, lounging, and just enjoying the amenities the ship has to offer, from the casino to the midnight chocolate buffet. From saving a passengers life to dining with the captain, each one falls deeper for the other. After they part, they wonder if they’ll ever meet again. It’s a surprising reunion and Deiter must convince her that their future together is the best thing yet.

Excerpt from: All the Wright Moves

Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.

“‘Of course’, she says. Katiya, you are an amazing woman.” He lowered his head and kissed her.

She moaned into his mouth. His tongue swept into her mouth, finding all the sensitive spots, and her pussy creamed. The uneasy feeling she’d had that he would view her differently as she’d told him about Darren faded under his sensual mastery. She moved closer to him, twisting in his lap to straddle him. She growled in frustration. With one hand, she fought to free the skirt of her dress from beneath her. Finally tugging it loose, she lifted it out of the way. His hard shaft rested where she was aching. Gasping, she undulated against his erection. Warwick grunted and countered her motion. He gripped her hips, stilling her movements. He released her from his kiss, and she whimpered with frustration.

“Shhh…give me a moment. We can’t do this here. Unless we want to give everyone more of a show than we already have.” His voice was amused and slightly husky.

Katiya stiffened. She glanced around and groaned at the steamed up front glass. What was I thinking? Although McKingly is a good-sized town, you still tended to see someone you know if you went to one of the popular local spots. And you know Capri’s one of these sorts of places.

“Don’t make me have to arrest you, Katiya and Warwick.”

Closing her eyes, she groaned again, resting her head against Warwick’s chest. “Please tell me he’s not here.”

“I wish I could,” Warwick said. “Hello, Kai.”

“Night, Warwick. Katiya.” Kai Carney’s voice was a little too cheerful.

Katiya raised her head, glaring at him. He stood by the driver’s side door.

“You better not tell Leo.”

“Now, Kat—you want me to lie to my boss? I can’t do that.” Kai put his hand over his badge on his chest.

He blinked his blond lashes exaggeratedly. Katiya knew it was useless to try to stop him. She figured sometime in the next few minutes, Leonardo—her brother and the sheriff—would know about her date with Warwick and that they’d been necking at Capri’s. Before the night was done, all the family that still lived in town would know. Those who didn’t live there would probably get an email informing them. She estimated everyone in her family would know within a matter of hours—a day at the most. It was the bane of having a large close-knit family. Raising her chin, she slid off Warwick’s lap. He shifted to his own seat. Kai leaned in the car window, watching their every move. Warwick started the truck.

“Now don’t make me have to look for you at Lovers’ Peak.” Kai strolled away, his laughter trailing behind him.

“I am so never going to live that down,” Katiya said.

“You and me both. Wait until Calix hears about it,” Warwick said.

She glanced at him.

“Kai and Calix are close friends.” Warwick looked at her then kissed her softly. “All the ribbing I’ll get is so worth it.”

She cupped his cheek. “Yes it is.”

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries and Aliyah Burke, 2013.

All Rights Reserved.

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