Go with the flow

It’s the one thing as a writer you have to be able to do. You might start a story with one expectation but it goes where it wants too. If you don’t learn to adapt then the story can stall on you. That stall can be time consuming and will not let the story go forward. If you try to force something it won’t happen. This is true in anything you do.

Things are ever changing and sometimes beyond your control. What you do with the unexpected is up to you. When things flow one way you can choose to flow on that path or a different one. But ultimately in the end there is no right or wrong way to flow it is what is the best way to you. I’ve had a few things a going on in my story – a flow that I am going with. And so far I am pleased with the ay it is going. I’m sure before I am done with this book I will have a few other flows I go with. That is half of the fun.

Family Relations

I’ve been working on some secret projects that I will be posting information on December 2010 on my site and blog. With this project my mind once again turned to families. More specifically the dynamics of them. Here is a definition of family and my own.

The Typical Dictionary Definition of Family ~
A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.

The McKenna Jeffries Definition of Family ~
Individuals who share ties either through blood or through a deeper bond that surpasses friendship that shares in each other’s lives to create a close knit unit of familial relations.

As I’ve mentioned a few times I love exploring families. No matter what type. Family isn’t about the blood it’s all about what is in the heart. There are millions of definitions you can have of family. I like exploring the many different type of families in my books.

A part of the secret project is about family. About the variety of family dynamics. I love exploring the complexities of my characters. Enjoy building families either by blood, circumstances or something that binds them together as family. There is so much to explore in families. The dynamic of them is fascinating to me.

Thinking of family brings memories of my own moments of families either traditional or non. My family by blood is there for me and I love them very much. I also have some really great friends who are family to me. They are there when I need an ear, someone to cry with, celebrate, share secrets or just being there. And I am there for them too. The diversity of having such families helps when needing a varying opinion. I think of the moments I have shared good, bad and in between with all my family. And I am grateful for each.

These moments of family are what I will be exploring in my secret projects. How no matter what happens there is someone in your corner when you need them. Someone there who will hold you up when you need. Or help you plot the best course of action if needed. Or if needed just be with you as you deal. It’s all about the relation of family.

Think of some moment in your life and give me what is your own definition of family?

An interesting combination

One day at the deli after ordering breakfast my breakfast I stepped back to let the other person in line go. When I heard their order I was intrigued. They ordered cream cheese and bacon on a toasted bagel. It was an interesting combination. I was tempted to ask them how it tasted. So I did. They smiled then said it was good and I should try it sometime. I replied I might. As I took my order to the cashier I was still intrigued by the combination.

Even later as I went about my day my mind was on this combination. When I got home and sat to write I was thinking of the combination of cream cheese and bacon on a toasted bagel. I sat staring at the blank screen and wondered how interesting the combination was. The more I thought about it the more I realized that just like people who fall in love who seem so different that it would not work the combination of cream cheese and bacon works. No matter how different two things maybe they could fit as long as they understand there differences and appreciate each other for it.

Interesting combinations make the best possible matches.

Gadget – MP3 Player

I enjoy music and love my MP3 player. It is filled with some of my favorite music. I have play lists for various moods I might be in. When I am happy I listen to love songs, country and some R&B. If I need a little pick me up it is some rock and alternative music. All on my MP3.
I have play list also according to what I am writing. Music creates such a variety of emotions. It helps my writing along. An my MP3 is an essential tool in my writing. I flip to my play list then put on my headphone and off I go with the writing.

My MP3 has seen me through many parts of my various books. The pivotal love scene. The black moment or those difficult to write scenes to write. I’ve been inspired to write when I feel like I can’t do anymore. All due to my MP3 player and the music it provides me.

Back to Basics

These last few month’s I’ve been busy working on some projects. It’s fun delving into world and new characters. Getting to know all about them and bring them to life. When I write that first word I get a thrill.

As the words unfold I get even more excited. Writing a book is like a painting to me. First I study the page. Decide how to lay my colors for the best picture. Each piece has to work with each other to create something great.

Lately I’ve had this story I’m working on. It is a story that came out of the blue so I didn’t sit down and plan anything. Just sat down and wrote. As I wrote the plot became more and more intricate. I like when it get intricate and complicated it keep me on my toes. So this story is flowing so well that I get up each day and can’t wait until I have a moment to write it. Usually I don’t go back and read a story over until I am done but I needed to make sure a thread I had written was correct so I went back and re-read the part. Before I knew it I was caught up in the story. LOL. I realized the story so far was real good.

Hmmm…this is a back to basics way for me. Let the thoughts flow and go as they will. My writing process has changed as I write each story and I love moving with it.

Next up there is a dream that keeps bugging me. I think it is calling out for a story.

Have a great weekend.


When this year started I did my usual evaluation of things I did last year and what I have planned for this one. I was pleased with the things that I did last year. I got a few books completed. I haven’t subbed them yet still working on revisions/edits. Once that is done I plan to sub.

For this New Year I plan on subbing a few books and writing a few more. Also have some exciting projects in the works. Can’t say anything about those yet. All in all I am pleased with what I have planned for this year. Of course there will probably be a few things that will come to surprise me. Also I have a few surprises planned (wink). I love shaking things up. Doing the unexpected. Keeps things fresh.

So back to my evaluation. I checked through my future story files and found a few projects I definitely plan on completing this year. Of course I got caught up and found myself jotting down notes on other stories that will be written sometime in the future. This always happens to me when I evaluate what I have pending to write. LOL. Lots of ideas to get to and I will get to each of them. For now I can say I have so many story ideas that I have many books to write for a few years to come.

For now my evaluation for this year is done and now it is time to get to writing.

Finally Finished

About a week ago I finally finished a book that I was working on. The reason I say finally finished is it usually doesn’t take me that long to finish a book. Now I am not talking about the editing before submission. I mean the first draft of the book. This one took a little longer due to various things seeming to work against me.

After with all the mishaps these last few weeks I was able to finally focus on my current work in progress. Focus and get it done. Put it to bed. It was such an exhilarating feeling. A feeling I never get tired off. Writing the end of the book then sitting back and marveling that what you envisioned is done. The moments right after writing The End is what I revel in the most. I took an idea brought it to life word by word. Page by page. Chapter after chapter through to the end.

Sicne I’ve just finished my current work in progress I’ve been taking a sometime off. Soon I know my mind will turn to think of what to work on next but at least for now I’m enjoying that I am finally finished.

Middle Ground

I tend to go full tilt when I am really into a project. The story follows me in my every moment. Sometimes everything flows so well. The characters and plot work. The words just come and all gel seamlessly. In writing when you reach the middle of a book or as I like to say middle ground you have to keep the story going forward. When I reach the middle ground I know that I need to start thinking of what I will do to get to the final ground – wrap up the story. There is a lot to do between the middle ground and the final ground. Tying up all the lose ends and making sure the story continues to flow to that cumulating point.

That’s where I am now middle ground and working to the final ground. I’m right smack dab in the middle ground of my current work in progress. This story flowed so well and fast I almost missed that I was at middle ground and ready to start my slide into final ground. So now that I became aware of where I was in my book I am planning my steps to my final ground. Ahh… the final ground where you get to say the end and know the story is done. At least until you start editing and revisions. LOL.

So I am off to continue with my move to final ground.