2019 Plans – Review

Posted my plans at the start of 2019, now it’s time for a review. Checking to see how I did on the plans I set for this year.

Main Plan: Keep Writing.
Status: Met I wrote alot.

2019 Plans:

~ Release 7 books for this year
Status: Met. Here is a list of books I released this year.

Best Laid Plans, Rowan, Book 1
Dangerous Intent, Law and Protection, Book 1
Just Business, Rowan, Book 3
Unexpected Dare, Impulse, Book 3
Perfect Partner, Rowan, Book 5
Unexpected Love, Rowan, Book 7
Perfect Match, Rowan, Book 9
Holiday Distraction, Rowan, Book 11

~ Continue Self/Indie-publish some of my books/series
Status: Met. Refer above for the books I published in 2019.

~ Start my urban fantasy and paranormal crossover series.
Status: Not met. Moved to later on my schedule due to something coming up.

Reviewing the plans I set for 2019 let’s me know what I did for the year. Tomorrow I will be posting my 2020 plans, be sure and come by to share your plans too.

Book Birthday On My Birthday Tradition

This month is my birthday and I like to celebrate for the entire month. This year I decided to restart a tradition I used to do on my birthday.

Next Tuesday is my birthday. How do I celebrate a birthday my way?

Release a book on my birthday. But since I like mischief, misbehavior and mayhem. LOL. I decided to ramp it up. So this is how the conversation went with myself.

Self: yay our birthday month is coming up. I love when we celebrate for the whole month.

Me: yeah I’m taking a break for birthday month August. Will have any books I will be releasing that month already loaded. Yippeee….not doing anything especially on day of my birthday.


Me: blink blink.

Self: you have releases on your birthday.

Me: blink blink. Wait…what…no

Self: Yep. Chop chop get to work.

Me: *hangs head and sighs* I hate you.

Self: *smiling brightly* I love you too. *pats shoulder* now get to work. August will be here soon.

Me: *whimpers* but it’s my birthday. My birthday month. I want to celebrate. Be all loose and stuff. Unleash the kraken. Come on. Why do I need to have releases on my birthday?

Self: We are celebrating. Remember when we used to do this. Have a release on your birthday.

Me: Vaguely.

Self: You know you remember. Having a book release on your birthday. It’s a birthday and a book birthday. You love it.

Me: *smiling* I do. Okay I’m in. Back to an old tradition and making it new. Book birthday on my birthday.

Self: *looking smug then getting a gleam in their eye*

Me: *whimpers and slumps down to try to be invisible*

Self: You’re not invisible.

Me: I hear that sarcasm.

Self: Multiple.

Me: Multiple?

Self: You’re really slow on the uptake today. Must be you’re getting old.

Me: *flipping self off*

Self: you do know you are flipping your own self off.

Me: I know but it makes me feel better.

Self: Whatever floats your boat. *wicked smile and that gleam in their eye again* You know how I like multiples

Me: *snicker* you naughty girl

Self: get your mind out of the gutter. You can go there later. *winks* Look at my lips. *mouthing the words*

Me: *reading then blink blink. Sliding off the chair and curling in a ball.* I hate you.

Self: Again I’m you. This is all you.

Me: I’m not having multiple book releases on my birthday.

Self: *pats shoulder* you keep telling yourself that sweetie.

Me: I will do the tradition of having a book release. *glares at self* But I’m not having multiple book releases on my birthday. I AM NOT.

Self: *smiles and has that gleam in their eyes*

Me: *closes eyes and pretends to be invisible*

Self: You are not a superhero so you have no powers of invisibility.

Me: You don’t know if I am a superhero or not. I have awesome powers.

Self: Really!

Me: There is that sarcasm again.

Self: I want thinking more snark. Wait that’s one of your superpowers. Snark.

Me: Sarcasm. Mischief, Misbehavior and Mayhem. Just a few of my powers. I am a superhero.

Self: *claps hands* Yeah you are. Go you!

Me: *looking at self suspiciously* You are stroking my ego to get me to have multiple book releases on my birthday.

Self: *looks offended and flutters lashes.* Would I do that?

Me: Yes. You are me and I would. Yeah I would and not even be sorry.

Self: *smiles and has that gleam in their eyes*

Me: *flips self off*

Self: You know –

Me: Yeah I know I am insulting myself.

Self: and you feel better. *gives me a hug*

Me: I’m not having multiple book releases on my birthday. I AM NOT.

Self: ok *smiles and has that gleam in their eyes*

Me: *arguing*

And it went on from there. Insults and protesting. Loads of snark and superhero power talks. Now here we are in August.

My birthday is next Tuesday and self won. So back to how I celebrate my birthday.

For 2019

5 books releasing in total for all my alter egos.

multiple genres – contemporary, romantic suspense and scifi

And boom that is how I celebrate my birthday. *booty shaking and humming my own made up song that I am a superhero while ignoring my self arguing I can’t be*

Yep. I am a superhero. Maybe…or maybe I am just a woman who takes her birthday celebration to epic levels of mayhem. LOL.

Book Birthday On My Birthday Tradition

And as I mentioned this is a tradition I am bringing back and plan to do each year. The amount of releases will differ from year to year but there will hopefully be at least 1 release a year so I can have Book Birthday On My Birthday.

More on the books for this years Book Birthday On My Birthday will post soon. 🙂

2019 Plans

Happy 2019 everyone! I wish you a great new year with loads of fun and time with those you love. May this be a stellar year.

With the dawn of a new year I’m again thinking of my goals for the upcoming year. There are lots of plans I have for this year. This will keep me accountable for them.

Here are some of my plans for 2019: (Some are the same as before and others amended or new)

Main Plan: Keep Writing.

2019 Plans:
~ Release 7 books for this year
~ Continue Self/Indie-publish some of my books/series
~ Start my urban fantasy and paranormal crossover series.

So that’s some of my 2019 plans. What are some of yours for 2019?

2018 Goals – Review

Posted my goals at the start of 2018, now it’s time for a review. Checking to see how I did on the goals I set.

Here are some of my goals for 2018: (Some are the same as before and others amended or new)

Main Goal: Keep Writing.
Status: Meet I wrote alot.

2018 Goals:
~ Release 7 books for this year
Status: Meet I wrote a few books this year.

~ Continue revising my books that are completed
Status: Meet. I revised some books and am pleased with results.

~ Self-publish some of my books/series
Status: Meet. Released many books this year.

Reviewing the goals I set for 2018 let’s me know what I did for the year. Didn’t meet many of my goals but working on them so I’m glad with that. Tomorrow I will be posting my 2019 goals be sure and come by to share your goals too.

Thank You

I’m so humbled and thankful for all of you. The outpouring of congrats when I announced I made the USA Today Bestselling Author with Kiss of Offering my book co-authored between my alter egos – Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries that is in the Venom and Vampires box set was so…it made me teary-eyed. Thank all of you for your support.

I’m excited and last night had a mini celebration with my nephew. I danced and my nephew laughed then congratulated me. Then I called my big sister and she was so proud then asked me when my next book was coming out. 🙂 She stalks me for books. And since she gets to hear many of the storylines as I am developing them she knows what is coming. 🙂 We’ll do something next week when my big sister and her hubby comes for their yearly visit next week. And it’ll also be my birthday next weekend. 🙂

Again thanks to all of you. All my love and appreciation.

USA Today Bestselling Author

 Last night on the way home – Imagine if you will…on the way home on subway underground when I get notice about something. And I keep losing reception so I couldn’t really see or confirm. Then nirvana I get those lovely bars of reception for the internet. And then…there it is.

Today I became a USA Today Bestselling Author with Kiss of Offering my book co-authored between my alter egos – Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries. The book was included in the Venom and Vampires box set.

Yay! 🙂

Stronger Than Yesterday – Times Three

Earlier this month I had an epiphany if you will of something that has been bothering me for a while. This epiphany when it came was such a relief it was if my soul had come together. All three parts of me were now in alignment.

When they did I knew what I had to do. Make an announcement of who I am. Let people know the parts that make me who I am. 🙂 First I reached out to a few people who are friends to let them know the truth about me. I have many friends I wasn’t able to tell directly and like many of you they are reading this post. For that I’m sorry that it couldn’t be a more personal one on one but I need to get this done.

The below that I am sharing with you is hard for me. For people who know me they know I’m a private person and although I do share things about my many ups and downs in my personal life I’m vague and not as detailed as I could be since there is so much more. I keep these things close and only tell close friends and family (sometimes I don’t even tell them. I hate people worrying about me so I keep it and deal with stuff).

Now for the reveal. I currently write under three pen names. Let me introduce you to my threesome. I’m going to do this one by one and also include blog posts that defined me on my journey to three.

First is McKenna Jeffries – she is my sensual, sassy pen name. She is the misbehavior maker. 🙂 She was also my first pseudonym and writes books that feature male/female characters. A little about her. She has been writing longer than all the other names. She has been writing and working her craft. Had opportunities and ups and downs. It took a brush with almost dying that made her take the jump to actually finish her first book. She completed her first book and shared her triumph of that as well as others with her biggest supported her Mom. She also had more books that didn’t fit with what she was writing at the time so she decided on a 2nd pen name. But back in 2005 she had many things happen. She became, along with her other name, more active in the writing world (got a blog and so on). But that year was a hard year with the most devastating moment being the loss of her mother. This put her in crisis with her writing and she was tempted to walk away from it all. But then the 2nd pen name became vocal. And it wasn’t until a little before this post that I finally let her loose.


When McKenna wrote this she was ready to continue that journey her Mom had seen her start. So she took the chance and let her next pen name free on the world with a submission of her work which was accepted.

My second is Taige Crenshaw – she is my sizzling, sassy and adventurous pen name. She is the mayhem maker. 🙂 She writes books that feature male/female characters. She had her up and downs too and she too along with McKenna had other moments of triumph and personal struggle. One of which gave her and McKenna the push to take the leap and decide to get a 3rd pen name. That 3rd name came because of the moment I had when I wrote this blog.


But just because I decided to take a leap I didn’t get to right away. I had more to face first. More personal things. Those I spoke of here.


Then I took the leap.

My third is Talia Carmichael – she fills the craving and has spice, laughter and loads of fun with that pen name. She is the mischief maker. 🙂 When I choose this one I also wanted to honor my mother so for Talia I gave her my Mom’s birth date. So each year when I get the birthday wishes I kiss my fingers and raise them to the sky and tell my Mom they are for her. When I completed my first McKenna book my Mom told me before she passed away “I can’t read what you write because it is to risqué for me but you write it baby and write it well. Don’t let anyone stop you. Follow your journey.” Talia writes books that feature male/male characters. She too along with her other 2 partner have had many up and downs over the years. This I spoke of here.


So this is my three. Hi my name is McKenna Jeffries, Taige Crenshaw, and Talia Carmichael. Nice to finally show you all three of me.

I choose to have three pen names for many reasons but one of the main ones is.…expectations. I didn’t want a reader to have an expectation of what a book would be by knowing all the sides that are me. So at the time I choose the pen name I didn’t let people except for some close friends know they were all the same. I wanted each to take words my Mom told me all those years ago “Follow your journey.” Each name has their own writing journey since I kept them separate and they have in my humble opinion done well. Written books they are proud off. When someone picks up a book by any of my names they know what they are getting. Every time I write a book it is for my Mom. She was one of my biggest supporters and because of her I continue this journey.

There is one common theme in my books no matter the name I write under. Family whether by blood or choice is important. They are what makes us and will be by your side no matter what. This was taught to me by my own upbringing.

I made this announcement for the reasons of my epiphany and also because I want to be able to meet readers under each name. I do go to conferences usually as Taige (told you she was adventurous although she tends to go to the corner often because she is shy and feels like a total geek talking about her books). Although I’m making this announcement, I don’t have a plan to “officially” link the names. Well McKenna and Taige sometime write together. Which is interesting and works. 🙂 Yeah each of my three names are very distinct in my head when I sit down to write a book so I know whose voice I’m in when I’m writing. 🙂 . I still will keep the names separate to an extent. They all have their own website, newsletter lists, facebook, facebook groups, twitter and so on. Yeah I do all three. LOL. So if you read any of my books just find me at those places based on the different pen names. 🙂

The timing of this with what is going on in the writing world isn’t ideal but I already made the decision to do so went ahead instead of waiting. Thank you so much for your support over the years.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I also put this on facebook so those who don’t come to my blog can also read it.

Love always,

Building it

When creating a story with a town of community it takes many parts to get a sense of what this place is all about. I love creating towns and various types of families. In building towns or communities, they all have their own idiosyncrasies that make them unique. You build it with many layers that not only include the setting but the people, sights and sounds that make a place.

If you think of your own hometown there is no place else in the world like it. There might be similarities but there are things that make it uniquely your hometown. This is what I go for when I write any story. Making it familiar like somewhere, you have been but with differences that make the town special. It is an amazing thing building a place from scratch. Creating the people that inhabit it. Making them live to those reading. The sights that make you know that you are in this town with these people. The sounds that capture you if you walk down the street.

With any good structure all the pieces must be laid together to create a mosaic that tells a story. I want to take you on a journey that engages all the senses. Building it so you can feel like you are part of it. There is nothing better to me than that.

Welcome to 2014

Happy 2014 everyone! It’s a new year with so much potential ahead. I wish you all the best in this new year.

I’m excited about this upcoming year. I have lots of plans.

Here are some of my goals for 2014:

~ Write more books
~ Revise my books that are completed
~ Submit completed books to publishers

So that’s some of my 2014 goals. What are some of yours for 2014?

A few more days to release of All the Wright Moves…

My excitement levels are building….All the Wright Moves (McKingley, Book 1), the co-written book with Aliyah Burke will be available in a few days…March 4th to be exact. I’m excited and can’t wait for release date. Counting down…just 3 more days to release date!!!

All the Wright Moves (McKingley, Book 1), is already available for Pre-Order here .

This is going to be a long 3 days till release. I must find something to distract myself. *staring at my bookshelf* I’m going to be doing a lot of reading the next few days. *big smile* That means I will have to refill my shelves with books. What books are you reading?