Home of Heart

I posted this in my newsletter (cross-posted for all my alter egos). Also posting it here. And adding more of what I posted on fb.

First I’m starting out with my thoughts to all those affected by the various weather. My family was recently affected by the two hurricanes – Irma and Maria. I’m originally from St. Thomas, USVI and it was the beauty of there that inspired me and sparked my imagination to shape me into who I am today. When the storm occurred my big brother was there and afterwards there was no electricity, phone service and water. There is also a lot of my family there. My big sister and brother in law (he had emergency surgery when he arrived) were in NY visiting me when everything happened and they had no idea what happened to their home or what they are going back too. They had to postpone their trip home twice since the airport is not operational yet. It’s been a rough time for them. They finally went home but reception is spotty so I can’t get in touch with them often. They and big brother as well as so many others are still without electricity and phone service.

For all those affected I know that although the landscape may change due to each Hurricane that the spirit of the people is what makes us who we are and that will never change. Each day I’m thinking of my big brother, big sister, brother in law and all my family who are still without electricity, phone service and water. I’m keeping that spirit of resilience near and dear to my heart. I’m sharing a picture with you of St. Thomas from my last trip there. It was taken from the porch of my sisters house. It is a breathtaking view.

In my books under my various alter egos including this one I have characters that are from where I was born—St. Thomas. Each time I write them it invokes all those memories of my growing up there. In each there is a heart and spirit that is from my home. In my heart St. Thomas will always be home no matter where I physically live. I hope whenever you read these characters it reminds you of your own homes that is by heart and not by location.

Update – Nov. 7

Finally after trying for since they left in October I was able to reach my big sister in St. Thomas on her cell. It was such a relief to hear her voice. Usually we talk almost daily and not being able to do that. Not being able to hear from her if she was ok…was rough.

I spoke with her. Heard her voice. She’s ok and brother in law is too. Big brother is too. Still no electricity which means no phone service. Cell service…well is almost nonexistent. Calls if they go through get dropped. I hadn’t been able to get through since they left to go back to St. Thomas in October.

I talked to my big sister and I feel so much better. Didn’t realize how out of sorts I was before. Now I’m better…and eager to see her and all of my family and friends there.

I’ll be going home – to St. Thomas – in December and spending a few weeks into Christmas there. This has been planned since last year. I’m counting down until I can go. I want to see for myself how everyone is. Want to be able to hug my big sister, brother in law and my big brother and any family and friends I have there. Hell strangers too. I’m gonna be a hugging fool and a crying one.

Plan to make loads of memories and enjoy all the moments. You know that’s my thing.

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2017 Goals

mj2017goalsHappy 2017 everyone! I wish you a great new year with loads of fun and time with those you love. May this be a stellar year.

With the dawn of a new year I’m again thinking of my goals for the upcoming year. There are lots of plans I have for this year. I’m setting goals for them. This will keep me accountable for them.

Here are some of my goals for 2017: (Some are the same as before and others amended or new)

Main Goal: Keep Writing.

2017 Goals:
~ Release 2 books for this year
~ Continue revising my books that are completed
~ Post my newsletter and press kit on a more regular basis
– Self-publish some of my books/series
~ Submit some of my completed books to publishers

So that’s some of my 2017 goals. What are some of yours for 2017?

2016 Goals – Review

mj2016goalsPosted my goals at the start of 2016, now it’s time for a review. Checking to see how I did on the goals I set.

Here are some of my goals for 2016: (Some are the same as before and others amended or new)

Main Goal: Keep Writing.
Status: Meet I wrote alot.

2016 Goals:
~ Write more books
Status: Meet I wrote a few books this year.

~ Release 2 books for this year
Status: Not Meet. 🙁 Had 1 release. Working to get more of them ready.

~ Continue revising my books that are completed
Status: Meet. I revised some books and am pleased with results.

~ Post my newsletter and press kit on a more regular basis
Status:Not Meet. 🙁

~ Self-publish some of my books/series
Status: Not Meet. 🙁

~ Submit some of my completed books to publishers
Status: Not Meet. 🙁

Reviewing the goals I set for 2016 let’s me know what I did for the year. Didn’t meet many of my goals but working on them so I’m glad with that. Tommorrow I will be posting my 2017 goals be sure and come by to share your goals too.

My 1st Keurig Memory…

mykeurigOpened the Keurig my big sis got for me for Christmas. For more on what I mean go here.

Used it for the 1st time and made some tea. I went with the Lemon and Ginger from the pic of k-cups I had. It was delicious. And I had my first moment that has become a memory. I thought of last year this time with my family and about this year that although we are not geologically in same location we are in each other’s thoughts and hearts.

For my 1st cup I used my St. Thomas mug my brother-in-law gave me this summer. 🙂 Now I need to think of a name for my Keurig (As mentioned before I name my gadgets. Don’t you? Stop looking at me weird.). Off to drink my tea and think of names.

Hope you are making memories too.

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Birthday Milestone!

mjbday2016Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday — a milestone birthday— and celebrating by spending time with my family. We’re enjoying building some memoires. 🙂
All my birthdays always have something in common. The wonderful memories of time spent with family, friends and those I care about. These memories are precious to me.

On this adventure of life I think of all who I have meet —I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for all of your support. Life is precious and the people in them are even more so.


Ahhh…Friday! Love Friday’s . The weekend is here. I’ll be spending time with my nephew who is staying with me. He’s been here a few weeks already. We’re been having a lot of fun just hanging out. 🙂

What are you doing this weekend?

I’m back…

Haven’t been around much online. A few months ago I slipped on some ice and hurt my leg. I was in alot of pain. After getting it checked I was given treatment for it. For the last few months I’ve been in physical therapy. So between treatment for my leg and the day job I’ve been really tired. With this I’ve had to delay some plans I had. 🙁

But awesome news is I’m much better now. 🙂 Now I’m getting ready to start those plans. I’ll post in my newsletter about what I have planned then everywhere else afterward.

Excited to be back and for what I have planned. 🙂

2015 Vacation Fun

Finally posting about my vacation. I’m also doing the same post on my other blogs .
In December 2015 I took the longest vacation I ever had — over 3 weeks. My vacation was 2 parts.

For the 1st part I fulfilled one of my bucket list items by taking a trip to Hawaii. Yay! I went to Hawaii at took a 7 day cruise and on that cruise I was with my family by choice. I have a good friend who became my family by heart and the rest of her family basically adopted me as their own. And my own family by blood adopted my friend and her family. So we became an even bigger family. So I went on holiday with them some of them. Like my own blood family she has a large family. This trip there was 10 of us that went. And we had a blast in Hawaii.vac2

It took me some time to get my sea legs so I walked sideway like I’m drunk. It was suggested I get drunk then I’d be walking straight. LOL.

The view is great and although pic isn’t what I’m seeing it is close. Writing to that view is amazing.


Had so much fun on my cruise. And got plot ideas. 🙂 The ocean breeze was so relaxing.


One of our excursions was Laua. The show they had was beautiful. Loved the fire dancers.


And some other dancing. They move so fast.

After a really sucky airplane ride which ended with them destroying my suitcase which made everything wet since apparently it was raining. Yeah I was pissed and they heard it too. I let that go and enjoyed my time with my family.Vac6

On the second part of my trip I went Home – St. Thomas, USVI. for the holidays I went home – St. Thomas, USVI. I enjoyed spending time with my family (by blood). It was so awesome spending time with them. We laughed, ate and teased. Had a blast.


We played Uno which is one of our favorite games. And I schooled my family once again by being the Uno queen and beating them. If they tell you different they are big fat liars. 🙂

And that was a wrap to my wonderful trip. I’m glad I got to check off one of my bucket list items by going to Hawaii. And spending time with my family for holidays was a great end to 2015. 🙂