Page Brief ~ Again

Today’s Page Brief features characters from Lay Me Down, Club Immortality, Book #1.  Enjoy the Page Brief!



A Club Immortality Page Brief

 By Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries

 February 2017

 Genre: Paranormal

 Series: Club Immortality

 Length: Page Brief


Syn glanced around the club. Visually she noted the patrons were all having a good time. She reached out mentally to ensure there was no issues. Finding none she smiled. Then she sought him out mentally but when she couldn’t sense him Syn frowned. Where the hell was Micah? She knew he was here somewhere since they had arrived earlier together. Yet he was blocking her for some reason. 

Suddenly she felt a sensation she knew so well and she smiled. Turning Syn stepped forward and Micah detached from the wall and took her into his arms. 

“Dance for me.” He whispered. 

Syn smiled remembering that first night so long ago that she had done the same thing. At the time she was just letting lose not expecting to find him yet she had. She stepped back then rotating her hips she let the music sweep her away. She lifted her hands over her head and moved. She rolled her hips in time with the music then smiled at him. 

Micah stood watching as he had all those years ago. As it had the intensity of his rich lavender gaze caught her. Syn breathed out and his scent filled her senses. She beckoned him to her. Micah moved forward already dancing. The carnal power of his movements made her breath catch. As he came to her Syn knew she would never again forget that moment their eyes met across the floor. 

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

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What’s a Page Brief? A brief scene that’s usually set after the end of the story that features a couple/some of characters from one of my published books/series.

This as well as sneak peeks, more deleted scenes, Snippet and many other things are at times posted to my group on facebook Word Slinger Café before it is posted anywhere.

Page Notes ~ Unexpected Love

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from a book from my backlist. Enjoy.

“A woman. You hired a woman to protect me.” He put his hands on his waist and shook his head. 


Anger filled her but she didn’t let it show. She made her expression maintain the calm unruffled amusement. Glancing at those sitting on the couch, she noted they looked sad. She had no idea why but was about to deal with this. She’d had clients all over the world but was curious on how they’d picked BNPU even though they were based in Rowan.


“Leave us.” She said in an amused voice. 


The men and woman looked at each then their grins widened. They stood and went around the man. The man turned his eyes were narrowed. 


“Where are you all going?” He demanded, Irish thick in his voice.


The woman who was facing her went to answer. Khandi shook her head. The woman studied her a moment then nodded and continued to pass her without a word. The men each nodded to her also and followed behind the woman. Khandi waited until she heard the door click close behind her. She met gazes with the man. His eyes had deepened to a darker stormy hazel green. 


“Nice trick, clearing the room like that. My brothers and sister usually don’t follow orders well. As you can see from your being here.” He said.


“Which bothers you more; me being a bodyguard or a woman?” She asked.


He blinked at her mild tone. Khandi held the calm unruffled amused expression. He studied her intently. The scowl on his face smoothed out and he looked amused. 


“Does that your being unreasonable tone and if you mess with me I’ll kick your ass work with people?” 


Khandi was shocked he had picked up on it. Most people took her at face value. She was good at making them. She observed him with a new awareness. He saw more than most people. She would have to be on her toes around him. 


“Usually.” Her reply was delivered in a mild tone.


He blinked. “Blunt aren’t you.” 


“Yes. Works better than diplomacy.” 


“I like blunt. I don’t want you here.” He stated firmly.


“You don’t have a choice.” She mimicked his tone. 


He frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. He used his several inches over her to look down at her. It was a new feeling for her. She was six-one and usually met people eye to eye or towered over them. He was trying to intimidate her. She stifled a sigh. He would learn she wasn’t easily intimated. Yeah this was definitely going to be a pain in the ass. 


“Does that I’m lord and master pose usually work on people?” She asked using a form of his own words for her purpose. 


“Usually. But no one called me on it before.” He looked sheepish.


Then he smiled endearingly knocking her for a loop. Her heart pounded and palms got sweaty. She was barely able to resist the arrogant jerk. Now the glimpse of the softer man beneath the façade made it harder to not give in to temptation. 


Pull it together, Khandi. He’s a charge. Who from the looks of things, will be a handful. 

You know you want to grab a handful of that ass. The wild side interjected. 


Stop it. Professional. We are gonna be professional. The rational side stated. 


“What is going on in that brain of yours?” He asked. 


She snapped out of it and gave him a cool look. “You didn’t answer my question. Which bothers you more, me being a bodyguard or a woman?”


He answered without hesitation. “Both.”


Khandi blinked surprised. Usually when she pressed someone on making an issue of her being a woman they tried to pretty it up. Be politically correct. She preferred the truth.


“Blunt. I like too.” She paused then continued. “To bad you’ve got both a woman and bodyguard and will have to deal. I’ll be moved in by the end of the day.” She turned and walked away. 


“Hey, I don’t want you here. You’re fired.” 


“As I said already too bad. You didn’t hire me. See you later honey pie.” She couldn’t resist. 

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Brief ~ Yummy

Today’s Page Brief features characters from Mating Scents, Rules of Attraction, Book #1. Enjoy the Page Brief!

A Rules of Attraction Series Page Brief
By: Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries
January 2017
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Rules of Attraction
Length: Page Brief

Garrick entered the house closing the door behind him. “Bailey.” He called and waited for an answer. 

When none came he frowned. As far as he knew she was supposed to be home already. Hearing a sound he headed for the kitchen. When he arrived in the doorway he stopped. Bailey had her back to him as she wiggled her body then made an sultry sound. Knowing that sound he instantly went hard. 

“Bailey.” He said again. 

She didn’t reply. He frowned. Garrick approached her. 

“Oh my God, it’s raspberry.” Bailey whimpered. 

As he got closer he spotted what she had. A pastry made by her friend. He touched her shoulder. Bailey shrieked then turned and punched out and flipped him over her hip. 

Ah…shit not again. Garrick hit the ground and his teeth clacked together. 

Bailey lowered herself and drove her fist down. She stopped just before his face then blinked as she looked at him.

Garrick lifted an eyebrow. 

Bailey pulled out the ear bud and smiled at him sheepishly. “Hey…I didn’t hear you come in.”

“We can tell no one about this.” Garrick rolled his eyes. “I’m just finally making people forget about the last time you put me on my ass.” He glanced toward where the pastries were on the counter. “If I recall pastry was involved then too.” 

“It was.” Bailey laughed. “You really need to stop sneaking up on me.” 

“I came in called out to you.” Garrick said. “That’s not sneaking.” 

“I didn’t hear you because of the ear buds.” Bailey knelt and placed her hand on his chest. “Are you ok?”

“I’m going to need some Epsom Salt to soak.” He glared at her playfully. “A wild woman attacked me to defend her pastry.” 

You should know better than getting between a woman and her pastries.’ Bailey laughed again. She leaned over and kissed him gently. 

He opened and returned it. 

“What the hell are you doing on the floor?” A familiar masculine voice asked. 

Garrick groaned as he heard it. He forgotten he’d invited Tyr over. Bailey pulled back and laughed. 

Garrick sat up. “I slipped on a banana peel.” 

“I don’t see any.” Tyr shook his head. “Bailey you really need to stop throwing the man on the floor. Or at least make sure someone is around so we can get pictures as proof.”

“Next time I promise.” Bailey rose and went to Tyr hugging him. 

“Hey…wait how the hell did you get into my house?” Garrick rose and stifled a groan. 

“Indigo let me in.” Tyr replied. 

“I didn’t know she was here.” 

“She’s in the media room.” Bailey said. “I was making some tea and getting the pastries she brought.” Bailey smiled sheepishly. “I got distracted.” 

“By eating them.” Garrick went to her and teased. He pulled her from Tyr. 

“And putting you on your ass.”Tyr retorted then laughed. “Wait until the crew hears this one.” He left the kitchen laughing. 


Bailey kissed him. Garrick returned it and tasting the raspberry and chocolate he was reminded of how they meet. At least this time he got to taste the yummy pastry. It didn’t taste as good as kissing Bailey did. He held her close. 

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

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What’s a Page Brief? A brief scene that’s usually set after the end of the story that features a couple/some of characters from one of my published books/series.

This as well as sneak peeks, more deleted scenes, Snippet and many other things are at times posted to my group on facebook Word Slinger Café before it is posted anywhere.


Page Notes ~ Perfect Match

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from a book from my new book. Enjoy.

“And we’re not together.” She glanced down deliberately at where he held her. “No matter that you’re holding me like you are.” 


“So you’re not through running yet.” Nicolas grinned. “I love the chase.” 


“And I prefer not to be chased so…” She pulled away from him. “I’m going to go over there and you’re going stay here.” She stepped back. 


Nicolas let her, his smile widening. 


Violet stopped while cocking her head to the side. “What?”


“You assume I wanted to be the one doing the chasing.” He gazed into her eyes and noted they’d darkened. “In this case, I’m going to enjoy being chased by you.” 


“Humph…not happening.” Violet turned and strolled away. 


The sway of her hips made him clench his fists. He imagined turning her to him bringing her close as he cupped her round ass, pulling her into him and kissing her senseless.  “It’s going to happen sooner than you think,” he called after her. 

Violet glanced back at him over her shoulder. “You wish.”


“I know,” he retorted. 


She rolled her eyes and chuckled. “Arrogant man.” 


“Confidence…And you enjoy it.”


“Maybe.” She snorted. “I enjoy a lot of things. Doesn’t mean I’ll give into them.” 


“I’m irresistible.” He winked at her.


“You’re tenacious, I give you that.” She chuckled. 


He was and he felt like he was already on his way to making Violet his. When she’d arrived, he’d been the first person she sought out. Even if she didn’t realize it, she was already thinking about there being a them. It would only be a matter of time before she accepted giving them a try. He knew he was really going to enjoy being chased by Violet. 

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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Perfect Match ~ Now Available

Release day! Yay!

Perfect Match (, Rowan, #9 is now available!


Perfect Match

By: Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries

Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Available Now

Genre: Contemporary 

Series: Rowan, Book #9

Format: E-Book





When life leads you to your perfect match, you will just have to hang on for the ride…

Violet Anderson doesn’t want anything to do with the arrogant man who makes her want to deck him in one moment and then—well, she wasn’t going to even think about that. They might have to be friendly since they have friends in common but she won’t let him get to her. Except the infuriating man did the one thing that she never expected…he challenged her. And Violet didn’t like being told she cannot do something or losing. So she will accept Nicolas’s challenge even if it tempts her with the one thing she should avoid—giving into the attraction she can no longer deny. Her mind says to avoid him at all costs now—if only she could get the rest of her to listen.

Nicolas Quinn knows what he wants and nothing will stop him from getting it—even the stubborn woman who has gotten under his skin. Violet might act like she isn’t attracted to him but he knows better. Now, it would just be a matter of arranging it so she could get to know him better. Then she would give into what is between them. He’d been around her enough to know one of the things that makes her tick. Violet’s competitive nature is beneficial—to him. 

When a strong-willed woman is challenged by a man who knows her better than she thinks, she realizes sometimes in life when you least expect it, fate brings you a perfect match.

This is a rerelease. 


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Page Brief ~ Dance with Me

Today’s Page Brief features characters from Conquering Jazz, Sultry Nights, Book #1. Enjoy the Page Brief!

Dance with Me
A Sultry Nights Series Page Brief
By: McKenna Jeffries
January 2017
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Sultry Nights
Length: Page Brief

Humming along with the radio playing Jazz stood before the stove watching as the kettle boiled. She rocked in place then belted out.

“Just Stay.” She rolled her hips then stepped back and closed her eyes.

She laid her hand on her belly and moved slow and deliberate to the lyrics of Stay by Sugarland. As she moved the music took her and she felt each word deep in her soul.

She twirled then lifted on her toes before going low then moving sensuously.

Suddenly she sensed him without even hearing a sound. Jazz smiled softly then moved even slower. She breathed out then in as she moved with the music.

When he touched her she gasped surprised since she hadn’t heard him move. She relaxed still moving as he pulled her against his large frame. Jazz sighed as they fit together so perfectly. He moved with her and she rocked her hips against him. Moaning as she felt his bulge.

She opened her eyes and met those familiar eyes. The desire in them made her inhale sharply. Reese smiled that sexy grin that always made her want him…hell he only needed to be near and she wanted him.

Reese held her leading her around the room as the song winded down. When it reached the crescendo he grabbed her and lifted her holding onto her leg against his hip as he turned. She laughed in delight then held onto him as he slid her along the floor then dipped her.

Reese stared at her. “You’re so sexy when you dance.”

“You too.” She licked her lips. “Come on and dance with me.”

“I think we just did that.” Reese rose lifting her upright.

“Dance of the horizontal variety.” Jazz grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her.

“I love that kind of dancing.” He came beside her and placed his hand on her waist.

“Me too. Although we don’t actually need to be horizontal.” She stopped and kissed him deeply.

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

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What’s a Page Brief? A brief scene that’s usually set after the end of the story that features a couple/some of characters from one of my published books/series.

This as well as sneak peeks, more deleted scenes, Snippet and many other things are at times posted to my group on facebook Word Slinger Café before it is posted anywhere.

Page Notes ~ Conquering Jazz

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from a book from my backlist. Enjoy.

She inhaled sharply. His eyes followed the movement of her agitated breathing. He looked at her, a fine sheen of sweat coating his face. Jasmine followed the trickle of sweat traveling down his face as it disappeared below his shirt. Her palms dampened as her breathing accelerated.

“I want you hot,” she said.

“How hot do you want it?” Reese growled.

“Steaming…a raging inferno.”

“I can do that. But are you sure you can handle it?” The arrogance was even more obvious in his tone.

Jasmine looked at him with a challenge in her eyes. “Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself.” She looked deeply into his eyes. They were familiar, but she felt as if she was seeing him for the first time.

“You should worry, Jasmine. I’m going to burn you up.”

“I don’t want to lose you as my friend,” she said, trying to slow things down. “If we do this, I feel that I will.”

He muttered under his breath. “What?” she asked.

“Not ‘if’, but ‘when’, Jasmine. ‘When’ we do this,” he repeated.

“Okay. ‘When’ we do this, it’s only between us, in this room, together. I don’t want any misunderstandings. My brothers aren’t to know. No one is to know. It’s between you and me. And after this is done I don’t want to lose your friendship.”

Reese contemplated what she asked. He couldn’t believe, after the long wait, she was finally going to be his. He couldn’t tell her the truth; she wasn’t ready for it. He couldn’t think, with the scent of her arousal filling him. He wanted to devour her, and would agree to anything to have her.

Reese chose the safest answer his desire-fuddled brain could come up with. “You won’t lose me, Jasmine.”

She interrupted him. “I feel like I already am. Why aren’t you calling me Jazz?”

He let his hungry gaze roam, taking in her smooth mocha complexion, chocolate brown eyes, high sculptured cheeks, and luscious mouth, which was begging for him to taste it. Reese resisted reaching over and biting her lush lips.

His gaze lowered, then his mouth watered as he took in her bountiful breasts rising below her snug T-shirt. His eyes traced down her jean-clad, lush hips to the groove between her legs. Reese wet his dry lips, looking at her long legs, imagining how they would wrap around him as he drove deep within her hot, wet canal.

Finally, he raised his gaze to lock with hers. “Because I’m going to be deep inside you while you beg and scream my name for mercy. I see you as Jasmine, a sexy woman, not just Jazz, my friend. Our being friends won’t change. I’ll call you Jazz outside, but in here, every time we’re together, you’re Jasmine, the woman I want, the one whose nails I want to sink deep into my back as I take you every way and any way we can think of.”

“Every time? There will only be this once.”

“No. Once won’t be enough. Hell, even ten times may not be enough. I want you for as long as it takes for both of us to be satisfied. If you only want this one time, then forget it. We can try and pretend this didn’t happen. But if you’re ready for fulfillment of anything and everything you or I can imagine, then tell me yes.”

Stark silence followed. Watching the indecision on her face made a feeling of unease knot his stomach. He hoped she would give him a chance to show her how good it could be between them. He barely heard her whispered answer over the roaring in his ears.



 Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2018.
All Rights Reserved.

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Jeffriesism~ Attitude

When things are tough it can be difficult to keep going and your mind positive but wallowing in the negative doesn’t help, it’s all about the attitude to turn things around.  Be positive and keep going. 


Copyright © 2019, McKenna Jeffries.

All Rights Reserved.