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This is all about things that I’m having an adventure with. You’ll get a look at anything from photos I’ve taken, books, movies/tv shows, cooking, places I’ve been, just fun or anything my mind comes up with. This is all about things I find enjoyable and fun. Now lets get started on Adventures in…

I’m rereading Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.

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This book and series are some of my favorite I reread. Always enjoy it. The books are so good and build on each other.

As I have said before – From the first time I read this series I was caught in the world building. All the books on this series are so amazing. They build on each other.

I love these books. All the characters. There are so many characters for you to love and some you love to hate to love one moment hate then next then love them again and so on and so on. LOL. The list of characters I that create such emotions can go on and on. The series is so good. There are so many layers and so much each building on other. Love it all. Let’s just say that I love the whole Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. There are so many beings in this and they have their own rules and ways they are which includes so much intrigue and so much more.

It’ll take me a while to get through them but I love them so loving reading the books again.

What have you been reading?

Share with me here or on social media some of the books that you are reading or rereading. #adventuresin #amreading #lovereading

Snapshot ~ Resurrection

There are many ways I think of words. One is as a snapshot which forms a picture in your mind of what is on the page. With each of my books I’m sharing this with you…snapshot.

Here’s one of my books.

Genre: Paranormal
Series: Savoy Valley, Book #1

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When what you have lost returns, things will forever be changed and you must accept that resurrection may not be enough….

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