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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Perfect Partner, Rowan, Book #7. Enjoy.

Lou also took her final bite of tart. She made a soft sound deep in her throat.

Sin lowered his utensil and stared as she licked her lips.

Lou glanced up at him and she looked startled then a small smile curled her lips. She placed her elbow on the table and put her palm under her chin cupping her cheek.

“Umm…yes I have.” Sin cleared his throat. “She’s good too.”

“So Sin, I’m not sleeping with you tonight. And won’t until I’m ready. I’ll tell you when.” Lou licked her lips again. “I would like to see you again. So would a movie say on Friday work for you? We can get dinner after. Also, give me your number and I’ll give you mine.”

“You’re very blunt.” Sin mimicked her leaning forward and cupping his own chin.

“Yes. Don’t believe in wasting time.” Lou studied him. “Some people find it disconcerting or off putting.”

“I find it refreshing.” Sin rubbed his other hand against the back of his neck. “Sure, movie and dinner on Friday would be fine. Will you pick me up or should I pick you up?”

“I’ll come to get you since I asked you on the date.” Lou reached out and touched his arm. “Next time, you can do the picking up and the date thing.”

“I also enjoy that you’re confident that there will be more dates.” Sin placed his hand over hers. “How about Saturday for our next date? We can go hiking along the trails then have a picnic lunch.”

“Sounds fine.” Lou sobered. “But first, you should know. If we continue this, it will only be physical. I don’t get emotionally involved.”

Sin frowned. “But you want us to date. Get to know each other before we take it any further.”

“Yes.” Lou shrugged. “I have to at least know something about you before I jump into bed. Also, if we do this, it will only be you and I. I don’t share.”

“I thought you didn’t like someone telling you what to do? Yet, here you are telling me what to do.” Sin wasn’t sure about what she was saying. It contradicted it only being physical, yet she wanted to date and from what she said, exclusively. He didn’t have a problem with that, but her words and actions made him feel confused. Lou was turning out to be an enigma and he couldn’t wait to unveil the layers that made her who she was.

“I’m not telling you. I’m letting you know what I accept and don’t accept. You can walk away or accept what I stated. It’s all your choice.” Lou stopped touching him.

Sin caught her hand and lifted it to his lips, kissing the back softly. Her breath caught and Sin smiled at the sight of her chest rising and falling. He lifted his gaze meeting hers. “I’m fine with your terms.” He paused. “And I’ll let you know mine as we proceed.”

Lou frowned. “Yours?”

“Yes. You told me what you wanted.” Sin lowered their hands to the table. “And when I know you better, I’ll let you know mine.”
“I might have other things to add too,” Lou said.

“Most definitely. “ Sin rubbed his finger along the back of her hand. “Since we are after all, getting to know each other so we can deepen the physical, we will be embarking on.” He stared at her then added, “So to be clear. We’re dating exclusively and this will only be physical with no emotional involvement.”

“Exactly.” Lou turned her hand under his and laced their fingers together. “Now I’m going to walk you to your SUV. I have an early day tomorrow and you probably do too.”

“Yes, I do.” Sin rose and picked up the dishes. “But first, I will clean up. Sit and relax while I do that.”

“A man who does dishes without being prodded to?” Lou leaned back and smiled.

“My ma and dad raised me well.” He winked and took up the rest of the items. He went into the kitchen and set what he had on the island, then retrieved the rest of what was left after their meal.

“There is a dishwasher.” She pointed at the appliance.

“Okay.” He went in and cleaned off the food before putting them in the machine.

Sin went back out to find Lou leaning against the pillar by the railing. He went over to her and placed his hand against the rail close to hers. Lou took his hand then led him back the way they had come earlier. Sin smiled. He was getting used to her leading him around. Touching him and acting like he was hers. Lou stopped beside his Tribeca. He opened the door then stood there waiting. Lou rocked back on her heels.

“One of my terms. I get to kiss you whenever I want to.” Sin reached for her and pulled her against his body.

Lou gasped then shivered as she moaned.

Sin smiled as he held her chin between his two fingers and lowered his head. He kept his gaze locked to hers and kissed her—deeply and thoroughly. His erection hardened as he took in Lou, enjoying the way she fit against him. Her eyes went unfocused then her lids fluttered close as she pressed her body against his. He shifted and rested his back against the side of the open door. Lou made the same sound like when she ate her dessert earlier. Sin stroked his tongue deep into her mouth. She suckled his tongue then raked her teeth gently along it. He shuddered his body getting even harder. Kissing her deeper, he groaned as a heated sensation overcame him. He wanted her now. He gripped her ass pulling her against him. Lou pressed along his body, rocking against him as she moaned. He fought for control and slowed, then softened their kiss. Sin pulled back.

Lou blinked, revealing her glazed amber eyes. They cleared and she again, studied him in that intent way again. “I’m gonna like getting to know you,” she said in a husky voice.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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