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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Hard to Resist, Zander Oaks, Book #7. Enjoy.

“Didn’t expect the day to go this way.” She smiled ruefully. “At least we got that drink.”

“Yeah.” He lifted his beer and took a drink as he stared over the bottle at her.

“And our first date.”

“Date?” He lowered the bottle.

“Yes.” She smiled at his shocked expression. “Or did you forget?”

“No but I didn’t think you would want to after the day we’ve had.”

“Life is short.” She thought of her goddaughter whose was done. “If you waited for a perfect moment or another time you never know what can happen.”

“True.” He lifted his beer. “To first dates.”

“First dates.” She clinked her bottle to his.

“And many more.”

“Yes.” She could agree with that.

She already knew she wanted to know more about this man. Joanna leaned back and studied him.

“Tell me more about the JD Robb series you mentioned earlier.” She took a drag of her beer.

“It’s a police procedural series set in the future.” Declan leaned back too. “The main heroine is a bad ass.”

She laughed knowing she would like that. She made a mental note to pick it up.

A few hours later she walked toward her door with Declan by her side. He’d seen her home and Zachary had done the same for Tyler. She hoped Tyler didn’t deck the man. She wasn’t sure what was going on between those two but whatever it was was volatile. Joanna opened the door and turned to face him. Declan stood watching her. She moved in and he did the same. They kissed and she pressed against him. Her heart raced as she tasted him. Declan was something she didn’t expect. Something she didn’t even know if she had time for.

Stop making excuses and just go along with it. She kissed him a moment more then pulled away.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” She stepped back. “Goodnight Declan.”

“Night Joanna.” His voice was deeper.

She went inside and closed the door behind her. They would be working together but she knew that wouldn’t affect how she worked with him professionally. That she wasn’t concerned about. It was the personal she wondered where it would lead. She’d just have to see where it went.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2020.
All Rights Reserved.

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