Page Brief ~ Change of Plans

Today’s Page Brief features characters from Simple Arrangement, Intentions, Book #1. Enjoy!

This might be a rough draft so excuse any typos and so on.

Change of Plans
A Intentions Series Page Brief
By: McKenna Jeffries
January 2017
Featured Characters Book: Simple Arrangement
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Intentions
Length: Page Brief

Iona hurried into the house. She hated being late especially when she had plans with Jackson. They had both been so busy they hadn’t been able to spend much alone time. As she opened the door she cocked her head she noted the quite. Frowning she wondered where Jackson was. She had seen his car outside.

She closed the door put down her things before slipping off her shoes then heading into the house. The downstairs lights were off but she saw a faint light upstairs. Iona headed up the steps then made a right going down the hall. The bedroom door was partially closed and a low light spilled out. She went to it and pushed open the door. Iona stepped in then stopped as she spotted Jackson sprawled on the bed. He was sleeping. She smiled softly. Iona backed out the room then went to the bath and cleaned up then changed into something more comfortable. Soon she returned and then slid into the bed beside him.

Jackson jerked awake and stared at her. “Shit…sorry I fell asleep. I’ll go get ready the—“

“Shhh…I’m all comfortable and you’re all comfy to.” Iona slid closer to him and slid her leg between his. “Let’s change plans and instead of going out just have a quite night at home.”

Jackson smiled. “Sounds good to me.” He kissed her. “Binge watch Netflix?”

“Yup.” She snuggled in. “After a nap.”

“I can do a nap.” He placed his hand on her ass pulling her close.

Iona rested her head on his chest. She listened to his heart and couldn’t think of a better way to spend some time together. Just being together.

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

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