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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Dangerous Timing, Law and Protection, Book #5. Enjoy.

They came back and she waited to see who would be staying with her. Usually it was Cole and for that she was glad. Cole went out the door. Surprised she watched Mateo. His face was expressionless. She went toward the living room.

“Screw it.” Mateo said.

She looked at him askant. He stalked toward her and her pulse raced. Mateo pulled her into his body and stared into her eyes.

“I know from Sienna that Shane is one of your best friends but when he touches you I don’t like it.”

“I don’t like jealous men.” She went to pull away.

“I’m not jealous. I want it to be me.” He leaned his head down and spoke by her ear. “I want it to be me able to touch you. Touch you like you are mine.”

She inhaled and his scent of sandalwood and male filled her senses. Rene’s heart raced, palms dampened and she wanted him.

“What are you waiting for?” Rene stared into his darkened gaze. “Do you need an engraved invitation?”

He just stared at her with those green eyes that had darkened. Rene bit her lip then licked it. He followed the movement with his gaze. Then met her eyes again.

“What do you want from me damn it?”

“Everything.” Mateo stated. “This isn’t a one offs. I want more than that.”

“We just met how do you even know that?”

“I’ve known you for weeks.” He smiled softly. “You making a pest of yourself about your sister’s case. And keep asking for info on what was going on.” He paused then. “I saw you with her and the others. I know enough. The rest is the trappings of getting to know someone even more. That can come later.” He stared then. “Before I touch you. Before we do this, you must decide because I sure as hell know once will not be enough.”

Rene shivered and didn’t need to decide. She already knew.

“Take me.”

He smiled and it made anticipation fill her. Mateo pulled her against him then kissed her. She was ready for hard and deep but he gave her soft and slow. Opening she went under enjoying the taste of him. The feel of him against her. She wanted more. Skin against skin and hopefully a horizontal service.

Mateo lifted her and she wrapped her legs around him.

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