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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Seducing Dare, Impulse, Book #5. Enjoy.

Asher approached him and stopped.

Terrance’s gaze remained unwavering.

“Thought you weren’t coming.” She lifted her glass of champagne.

“I’m here for a dance.” He also took a drink from his glass.

She laughed.

He stared. “You should do that more often.”

“Laugh?” She wrinkled her nose.

“And that.” He smirked. “Makes you endearing.”

“I’ve never been called that before.” She moved to stand beside him. Viewing the room, she noted the people milling around and socializing. She spotted Jameson and his lovely wife. “I spoke to your business partner earlier.” She inclined her head toward him.

“One of them.” Terrance took another drink. “Have a few of us, I backed Jameson when he started. We’re more like silent partners. At least until we leave the game, then we find something to do in the company he built.”

“That’s smart, how you all invested. And that you’re able to find something you all like to do within the company.”

“Jameson is a smart man.” He chuckled. “He diversified and has the business in many things. So there is something for everyone.”

“Sounds like it.” Asher leaned against the wall. “I find it fascinating what he did.” She lowered her glass to her side. “And his technology division is enticing. I’m intrigued.” She turned and faced him. “Do you mix business with pleasure?”

“Not usually.” Terrance frowned. “Why?”

“I don’t usually either.” She licked her lips. “But in this case, I’m willing to. But if you don’t, then I’ll forgo the consulting I decided to do at your company.”

“Huh.” Terrance stared at her now. “You’re willing to walk away from something tech related for a chance to get to know me better?”

“Have sex with you. Yeah. I don’t need to get to know you for that.” She stared at his lips.

“Oh no…this won’t be just once.” Terrance reached for her.

Asher slid her hand into his. “Okay.” She didn’t think it would be either. But she didn’t have anything to go by. She was usually better with machines and science than people.

“We will get to know each other,” Terrance said firmly. “And I’m good with sex. I’ll risk mixing business with pleasure also.”

“Good.” She moved closer. “So when?”

“When what?”

“Sex.” She moved even closer. “When can we have sex?”

Terrance’s eyes darkened and he slid his hand up her arm. “As soon as we find someplace we can be alone.”

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