Page Brief ~ A Day on the Trails

Today’s Page Brief features characters from Simple Arrangement, Intentions, Book #1. Enjoy!

This might be a rough draft so excuse any typos and so on.

A Day on the Trails
A Intentions Series Page Brief
By: McKenna Jeffries
February 2017
Featured Characters Book: Simple Arrangement
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Intentions
Length: Page Brief

Iona lifted her head and inhaled deeply. The scent of the area made her smile and so happy. She peddled quicker as she went around the corner. She glanced to her left and noted Jackson was beside her.

That wouldn’t do at all she had a title to maintain. She glanced forward and focused as she pumped the peddles before lowering herself over the handlebars.

“You’re gonna call me King of the trails.” Jackson called.

Iona didn’t reply just flipped him off and kept going. The sound of Jackson laughing behind her spurned her on. She breathed in and out then took the last curve. When she saw the finish line where they had started from she zoomed toward it. She made it, stopped then looked back just as Jackson came in behind her. He lifted an eyebrow and looked so disgruntled she chuckled. Iona lifted her hands in the air and pumped her fists.

“Queen of the Trails.” She yelled as she did whenever she won.

So far she had each time.

Jackson rolled his eyes then said. “No one likes someone who gloats.”

Iona smirked at the familiar words. She replied in kind. ““Well no one better close their eyes, since I am not only gloating but dancing.” Iona clapped her hands and wiggled her shoulders.

“And again you didn’t get off the bike for a proper dance.” Jackson sighed. “This no one will overlook your unsportsmanlike gloating if…”

As he trailed off she noted the twinkle in his eyes. She moved closer.


“If you kiss me.” He licked his lips.

“Maybe you should be the one kissing me.”

“Come closer.” He moved closer.

She leaned in and Jackson did too stopping a hairsbreadth from her lips.

“Then again. The actual winner should be the one kissing.” He said in that deep baritone she loved so much. “Double of nothing.”

Jackson winked then took off. Iona shook her head smiling.

“Cheater.” She called.

Maybe she would let him win. Iona snorted at that. She was way too competitive for that. Iona took off after him. She closed the distance between then. Jackson looked back and his eyes widened. She laughed and went faster. He moved quicker and Iona chuckled. Yeah this was a god day on the trails.

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

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