Page Brief ~ Rainy Flight

Today’s Page Brief features characters from Dark Seduction, Dark Legacy, Book #1. Enjoy!

This might be a rough draft so excuse any typos and so on.

Rainy Flight
A Dark Legacy Page Brief
By: Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries
January 2017
Featured Characters Book: Dark Seduction
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Dark Legacy
Length: Page Brief

Remy stood feet braced apart staring out into the night. Being on the rooftop of the building afforded him a place to think. He really missed Mia. She’s been away for a few weeks on business and this time due to his own obligations he didn’t get to go with her.

Get over it Remy she’s going to be gone for at least another two weeks. Remy started thinking of ways to rearrange his schedule to be with her.

“Another rooftop.” A sexy voice so familiar and dear spoke behind him.

Remy turned startled to see her as if he conjured her up.

“Mia.” He breathed out. “How did you get here and I not feel you?

“Seems like someone has been moping about.” Mia strolled toward him that sexy strut of hers making him want her so much.

“So that someone’s brothers decided to come get me.” Mia smiled. “As a surprise. They cloaked me and flew me here.”

“Which one?” He walked toward her drawn to the woman who was his heart, soul and very breath. His other being settled as its mate was there.

“All of them had a hand in it.” Mia came to stand before him. “But Dubrinsky brought me.”

“Although I want to thank him.” Remy pulled her close. “I also want to smash his face in for flying with you. You only fly with me.” He lowered his head and inhaled her scent deeply then growled.

“Oh lord. Stop being all possessive.” Mia put her hands on his neck. “When I fly with you it’s something deeper.”

“So you like flying with me.” He smirked.

“Duh…you sound like Goliath from the Gargoyles cartoons. “ She shivered. “And you are a real life Gargoyle to. One I happen to be married to.”

“That’s the human term for it. The right term is Garlven.” Remy pointed out.

“I know.” Mia smirked. “I just love to see what my calling it by the human term does to you.”

“So you like making my eye twitch and voice get all growly.”

“And I repeat. Duh…” She laughed.

The soft drops of rain fell. Remy lifted his face to it. He let his wings flare then placed his hands on her hips. He lowered his wings shielding her from the rain.

Mia burrowed into his embrace. “I missed you Remy.”

“Ditto.” He replied using one of her favorite terms.

Mia chuckled again then sobered starting at him. “Let’s fly.”

As soon as she said the words he shielded her from the rain then unfurled his wings and lifted them. The sound of the air moving with his wings filled the air and he shot straight up into the New York night. Mia joyous laughter filled the rainy night around them.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

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