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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Dangerous Chance, Law and Protection, Book #3. Enjoy.

“Searching through a woman’s computer is as intimate as peeking into her bedroom.” Lissa spoke from the doorway.

He leaned back and glanced up at her. “Yes.”

“And I see no remorse.” Lissa came toward him.

He watched her and appreciated the innate grace in her movements. It was only by control he didn’t get hard just at the sight of her. Lissa came to the desk then around it to lean against the surface by his side. Cole leaned back and watched her.

“They said you’re called Cole Ellis and your partner Mateo Taylor— I wondered why he looked familiar he is related to Rafe, his brother. That the two of you along with Callie and Desari are going to be sort of my shadow until they figure out who is trying to kill me.” Lissa studied him. “I’m not sure that is such a good idea cause I’m too attracted to you.”

From the email he had read he already knew he and his partner and the other two had been assigned to her. There was also some support from others as they tracked down leads on what was going on. They needed to figure out why anyone would want to take out a baker. He smiled at what else she has said. She was to the point and he liked that.

“I can wait until things are figured out.” He hoped his control could hold until then.

With her this close that was being tested.

“If you are around me I don’t think I can.” Lissa scowled. “I don’t like not being in control. Don’t like feeling like this.”

He laughed. “You sound like your sister when we work together.”

“Ewwww….No comparing me to my sister when we are talking about getting physical.”

“It is physical I am talking about with your sister too.” He paused then thought of what he said. “Not that kind. Yeah I get what you are saying about not comparing you to your sister when it comes to certain things.”

“Smart man.”

“I’m known from time to time to have some good ideas.” Cole studied her then. “So do you have any ideas who is trying to kill you?”

“No.” She scowled. “I’m just a baker and I can’t think of anyone I pissed off to want to kill me.”

“Ok. Then we will need to go over each and every moment for the last few months then see if we can figure it out.” Cole leaned forward. “Tell me everything you have been doing these last few months.”



Lissa sighed. “You’re going to know all my business. There won’t be any more mystery left after that.”

“Don’t worry.” Cole lowered his voice. “There is so much more that I’ll want to know about you once this is done.”

Lissa inhaled then leaned closer. “We’ll see about this when you are done with business.”

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2020.
All Rights Reserved.

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