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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Resurrection, Savoy Valley, Book #1. Enjoy.

Sirantha.” That familiar voice called in her mind.

She turned her head sharply and spotted that ghostly figure she only saw in her dreams. He came towards her that fluid stride of Jokull Van der Ness. If she couldn’t see the trees blowing in the rain and wind through him, she would have believed he was real. Sirantha stood facing him. He stopped a hairsbreadth from her. Jokull reached out a ghostly hand to her face. So tired of resisting him Sirantha allowed him to touch her. There was no touch. Tears filled her eyes as her gut clenched.

There was no touch to be had. She placed her hand over his ghostly one feeling the cold touch her fingers chilling her to her soul. The one that died when Jokull did. Sirantha raised her head studying those eyes and clenched her hand over his against her cheek.

“Why won’t you leave me alone? Please let me go.”

She lowered her hand turning her body from him.

“I can never let you go Sirantha Sidorov Van der Ness. You are my soul. My heart and will always be mine. My mate. My wife.” That gravelly voice spoke loud and firm.

A hand gripped hers. Solid and warm. Shocked shuddered she faced the man who stood before her. He was thin, frail and looked sick but she recognized those eyes. That hair was limp, dingy and lackluster but it was his. The tears flooded even more.

“I’m losing my mind. You are dead.” She pushed out at him knocking him on his chest.

He toppled falling to the ground. He took her with him. Rolling her beneath him. He pinned her to the ground holding her down. Sirantha fought weakly wanting to hurt him but unable to actually harm him. She stopped raising a shaking hand touching his face. The skin was warm. She traced each plane of his face. His forehead, nose then across his check. The lips she knew so well. That chin with the dimple in the center. He did the same to her touching her face reverently. Almost as if afraid. When he was done, he touched the bottom lobe of her left ear. Sirantha shivered and flooded with need. It was their spot the one they each used when they were silently telling the other, they wanted them.

His smile was joyous. “You’re real.”

“As are you. All this time it was you,” Sirantha said.

Rain soaked them. Suddenly he was wrenched off her. Sirantha sat up screaming.


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries and Aliyah Burke, 2020.
All Rights Reserved.

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