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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Simple Arrangement, Intentions, Book #1. Enjoy.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” Iona spoke behind him in her melodious smoky voice.

“Hopefully it tastes good.” Jackson glanced at her. “Go and continue the work you were doing.”

“Sounds like I am being told to get out of the kitchen.” Iona smiled. “Do you swear and mutter like Chandler when your cooking is aggravating you?”

“Nope.” Jackson pointed a finger. “Now go and let me cook.”

“Ahhh… So you’re one of those who doesn’t like others to watch them cook.”

“Yes.” Jackson grunted then said, “Why are you still here?” He smiled to show he was teasing.

“I’m going.” Iona stood and turned to leave.


She paused and looked at him.

“I was looking forward to seeing how the knee socks looked against your skin.” Jackson glanced down her body then met her gaze. “But now I’m wondering what you have on under your housedress.”

Iona drew in a breath then ran her hands down the tie-dyed, short-sleeved sundress from her shoulder to almost the hem, where it rested just above her knee. She gripped the cloth then started to slowly lift it while looking at him. Jackson took a step toward her.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” Iona pivoted then sauntered out of the room.

“Such a tease.”

“You know it, buddy,” Iona called, laughing.

Jackson’s laughter followed her as she left. Iona went back into the living room and sat again on the floor at the center table. She stretched before she got back to work. Iona rubbed her eyes then blinked as tiredness filled her. She yawned then leaned back against the couch. I’ll rest just a second then get back to it. She put her arm over her eyes and relaxed.

Iona woke, not sure how long she’d been asleep. She frowned as she felt the softness against her back. Touching by her side, she realized that she was lying on the couch.

“I took you off the floor.” Jackson spoke from the direction of her feet. “You didn’t look very comfortable as you were. You didn’t wake when I put you on the couch.”

She lifted her head and saw him standing at the arm of the chair, by her feet. “I didn’t know I was so tired. I’m usually a lighter sleeper. And I sure wouldn’t have slept through your moving me.”

“Dinner is ready. I have it ready to warm if you need some more time to work.” Jackson came around the couch and sat on the center table beside her open laptop.

“I might be doing some more work.” Iona sat up, moving so that her legs were on either side of his. She placed her hand on his upper thigh. “But it will be toward pleasure.”

She leaned nearer, eyes locked with his. Jackson moved forward to meet her and she closed her eyes as their lips met.

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