Page Brief ~ Dance with Me

Today’s Page Brief features characters from Conquering Jazz, Sultry Nights, Book #1. Enjoy!

Dance with Me
A Sultry Nights Page Brief
By: McKenna Jeffries
January 2017
Featured Characters Book: Conquering Jazz
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Sultry Nights
Length: Page Brief

Humming along with the radio playing Jazz stood before the stove watching as the kettle boiled. She rocked in place then belted out.

“Just Stay.” She rolled her hips then stepped back and closed her eyes.

She laid her hand on her belly and moved slow and deliberate to the lyrics of Stay by Sugarland. As she moved the music took her and she felt each word deep in her soul.

She twirled then lifted on her toes before going low then moving sensuously.

Suddenly she sensed him without even hearing a sound. Jazz smiled softly then moved even slower. She breathed out then in as she moved with the music.

When he touched her she gasped surprised since she hadn’t heard him move. She relaxed still moving as he pulled her against his large frame. Jazz sighed as they fit together so perfectly. He moved with her and she rocked her hips against him. Moaning as she felt his bulge.

She opened her eyes and met those familiar eyes. The desire in them made her inhale sharply. Reese smiled that sexy grin that always made her want him…hell he only needed to be near and she wanted him.

Reese held her leading her around the room as the song winded down. When it reached the crescendo he grabbed her and lifted her holding onto her leg against his hip as he turned. She laughed in delight then held onto him as he slid her along the floor then dipped her.

Reese stared at her. “You’re so sexy when you dance.”

“You too.” She licked her lips. “Come on and dance with me.”

“I think we just did that.” Reese rose lifting her upright.

“Dance of the horizontal variety.” Jazz grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her.

“I love that kind of dancing.” He came beside her and placed his hand on her waist.

“Me too. Although we don’t actually need to be horizontal.” She stopped and kissed him deeply.

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

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