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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Just Business, Rowan, Book #3. Enjoy.

Chailyn frowned. “Would you like an appetizer? Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.”

She reached forward onto the fancy glass table in front of the couch to pick up the tray of various finger foods. Mitchell watched as she reseated herself further away from him. Her startled exclamation didn’t stop him as he took the tray from her and put it back down.

He turned to face her and he frowned at the leery look she was giving him. “Why are you so jumpy around me?”

Chailyn blew out a breath then. “I’m attracted to you and I know it’s a bad idea. We’re working on this project together but we’re competitors. That means after this we go back to that and us being involved it can get messy.”

Mitchell smiled. “I’m attracted too.” He studied her lips. “And messy can be good.” He sobered.

“But not in business. I don’t do that in business. But from what I have seen from the last few weeks and heard about you through the years we have been competitors you let business be business. So, I don’t see a problem with that. We keep what is business just business and what we have here as personal.”

Chailyn studied him then her lids partially lowered over those captivating eyes. “Just Business for business. And personal for this. I can do that.”

He hardened at that look. Then again, he was always turned on when he was near her. That was not like him. He’d been around many beautiful women but there was something about Chailyn that made him want more. He had no idea what but was willing to find out.

“Good.” Mitchell paused. “And the first personal.”

He leaned down and kissed her. The taste of her for the first time was even better than he imagined. She moved closer and Mitchell pulled her into him. She fit against him and he moaned at the feel of her against him. They kissed lazily and he moved closer but stopped. He wanted to know her first before anything else. Mitchell gentled the kiss and pulled back looking into those glazed eyes. He smoothed his hand down her cheeks then took another quick kiss before sitting back.

“So now that is out the way.” He smiled. “Tell me something personal.”

“I could tell you what I’m thinking in my personal thoughts.” Chailyn wiggled her eyebrows.

Mitchell laughed. She made him laugh too. The woman was turning out to be a very pleasing distraction. One he didn’t mind at all. To think a few weeks ago he was cursing her name for becoming part of the project. Now he enjoyed working on it with her.

“Let’s start slow.”

She muttered something too low for him to catch.


“Slow is overrated.”

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