2020 Plans – Review

Posted my plans at the start of 2020, now it’s time for a review. Checking to see how I did on the plans I set for this year.

Main Plan: Keep Writing.
Status: Met I wrote alot.

2020 Plans:

~ Publish at least 8 books in 2020

Status: Met. Here is a list of books I released this year.


Link provided is universal link which will have where you can get the book.

Dark Seduction, Dark Legacy, Book 1
Seducing Dare, Impulse, Book 5
Lay Me Down, Club Immortality, Book 1
Reunion Favor, Rowan, Book 13
Dark Rapture, Dark Legacy , Book 3
Burning Touch, Club Immortality, Book 3
Unexpected Chance, Rowan, Book 15
Dangerous Chance, Law and Protection, Book 3
Unpredictable Dare, Impulse, Book 7
Dangerous Timing, Law and Protection, Book 5
Surrendering Dare, Impulse, Book 9
Because of Rafael, Trescott Cove, Book 1
Silk and Shadows, Club Immortality, Book 5
Wicked Impulse, Rowan, Book 17
Hard to Resist, Zander Oaks, Book 6
Resurrection, Savoy Valley Book #1
Going for It, Zander Oaks, Book #8
Ultimate Risk, Rowan, Book #19

~ Write more free reads
Status: Met.

~ Start releasing books in my Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Crossover Series.
Status: Not met. 🙁

~ Streamline some processes for more efficiency.
Status: Met. Moved to later on my schedule due to something coming up.

~ Keep learning to enrich myself, my author career & business and etc.
Status: Met.

Reviewing the plans I set for 2020 let’s me know what I did for the year. Tomorrow I will be posting my 2021 plans, be sure and come by to share your plans too.

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