Page Brief ~ Again

Today’s Page Brief features characters from Lay Me Down, Club Immortality, Book #1.  Enjoy the Page Brief!



A Club Immortality Page Brief

 By Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries

 February 2017

 Genre: Paranormal

 Series: Club Immortality

 Length: Page Brief


Syn glanced around the club. Visually she noted the patrons were all having a good time. She reached out mentally to ensure there was no issues. Finding none she smiled. Then she sought him out mentally but when she couldn’t sense him Syn frowned. Where the hell was Micah? She knew he was here somewhere since they had arrived earlier together. Yet he was blocking her for some reason. 

Suddenly she felt a sensation she knew so well and she smiled. Turning Syn stepped forward and Micah detached from the wall and took her into his arms. 

“Dance for me.” He whispered. 

Syn smiled remembering that first night so long ago that she had done the same thing. At the time she was just letting lose not expecting to find him yet she had. She stepped back then rotating her hips she let the music sweep her away. She lifted her hands over her head and moved. She rolled her hips in time with the music then smiled at him. 

Micah stood watching as he had all those years ago. As it had the intensity of his rich lavender gaze caught her. Syn breathed out and his scent filled her senses. She beckoned him to her. Micah moved forward already dancing. The carnal power of his movements made her breath catch. As he came to her Syn knew she would never again forget that moment their eyes met across the floor. 

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

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