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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from a book from my backlist. Enjoy.

“A woman. You hired a woman to protect me.” He put his hands on his waist and shook his head. 


Anger filled her but she didn’t let it show. She made her expression maintain the calm unruffled amusement. Glancing at those sitting on the couch, she noted they looked sad. She had no idea why but was about to deal with this. She’d had clients all over the world but was curious on how they’d picked BNPU even though they were based in Rowan.


“Leave us.” She said in an amused voice. 


The men and woman looked at each then their grins widened. They stood and went around the man. The man turned his eyes were narrowed. 


“Where are you all going?” He demanded, Irish thick in his voice.


The woman who was facing her went to answer. Khandi shook her head. The woman studied her a moment then nodded and continued to pass her without a word. The men each nodded to her also and followed behind the woman. Khandi waited until she heard the door click close behind her. She met gazes with the man. His eyes had deepened to a darker stormy hazel green. 


“Nice trick, clearing the room like that. My brothers and sister usually don’t follow orders well. As you can see from your being here.” He said.


“Which bothers you more; me being a bodyguard or a woman?” She asked.


He blinked at her mild tone. Khandi held the calm unruffled amused expression. He studied her intently. The scowl on his face smoothed out and he looked amused. 


“Does that your being unreasonable tone and if you mess with me I’ll kick your ass work with people?” 


Khandi was shocked he had picked up on it. Most people took her at face value. She was good at making them. She observed him with a new awareness. He saw more than most people. She would have to be on her toes around him. 


“Usually.” Her reply was delivered in a mild tone.


He blinked. “Blunt aren’t you.” 


“Yes. Works better than diplomacy.” 


“I like blunt. I don’t want you here.” He stated firmly.


“You don’t have a choice.” She mimicked his tone. 


He frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. He used his several inches over her to look down at her. It was a new feeling for her. She was six-one and usually met people eye to eye or towered over them. He was trying to intimidate her. She stifled a sigh. He would learn she wasn’t easily intimated. Yeah this was definitely going to be a pain in the ass. 


“Does that I’m lord and master pose usually work on people?” She asked using a form of his own words for her purpose. 


“Usually. But no one called me on it before.” He looked sheepish.


Then he smiled endearingly knocking her for a loop. Her heart pounded and palms got sweaty. She was barely able to resist the arrogant jerk. Now the glimpse of the softer man beneath the façade made it harder to not give in to temptation. 


Pull it together, Khandi. He’s a charge. Who from the looks of things, will be a handful. 

You know you want to grab a handful of that ass. The wild side interjected. 


Stop it. Professional. We are gonna be professional. The rational side stated. 


“What is going on in that brain of yours?” He asked. 


She snapped out of it and gave him a cool look. “You didn’t answer my question. Which bothers you more, me being a bodyguard or a woman?”


He answered without hesitation. “Both.”


Khandi blinked surprised. Usually when she pressed someone on making an issue of her being a woman they tried to pretty it up. Be politically correct. She preferred the truth.


“Blunt. I like too.” She paused then continued. “To bad you’ve got both a woman and bodyguard and will have to deal. I’ll be moved in by the end of the day.” She turned and walked away. 


“Hey, I don’t want you here. You’re fired.” 


“As I said already too bad. You didn’t hire me. See you later honey pie.” She couldn’t resist. 

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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