Page Notes ~ Beyond the Unexpected

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from a book from my backlist. Enjoy.

Steps came to him, and a hand touched his back. Marcus stilled a shudder. He prayed for control not to kiss her. 


“We have a book to finish,” she said. 


He glanced at her as she held up his reader. 


“I wondered where you put it. Am I going to get it back anytime soon?” He quirked a brow.


“I’ll think about it.” Rayne smirked. 

Marcus chuckled. Rayne gestured for him to get comfortable on the window seat. He sat on the plush cushion. 


“Lean back,” Rayne said.


He did and spread his thighs. Rayne joined him, settling between his legs, her back against his chest. Marcus breathed in the scent of her.  Almonds and peaches filled his senses. Rayne turned on the reader and picked up where she had left off. Absently, he listened to her. They were so comfortable with each other. The easy familiarity was like nothing he had ever had with another woman, even those who he had slept with or been in a relationship. Yet, here he was with a woman in his arms he hadn’t even kissed. And it felt as if they had been together forever and had gotten to know each other.  


Stop being fanciful. Solve what’s going on with Rayne. Then you can possibly think of pursuing this chemistry. 


Marcus glanced at her in his arms. He already knew once they tracked down who was trying to kill her, he would take steps to make her his.  Rayne shifted her pert ass, pressing against his member. His cock went rock hard. She paused briefly, then continued. Marcus inhaled deeply, the scent of her making him want her. Will power. 


Will power, Marcus. You can do this. 

 Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2018.
All Rights Reserved.

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