Keurig Memory…

kandkcupMy big sis sent me a Keurig a few weeks ago & I’ve been so good & waiting till Christmas to open it. Been shaky the last few days. And nephew came by & wasn’t any help & was prodding me to open it. Bad nephew.
Made it through yesterday. Hmmm…lookie at these k-cuups & I wonder if I will make it .
A little back-story on Keurig. Last year on my trip (went to St. Thomas after my Hawaiian cruise) during holidays to see my big sis, brother, brother in law & whole lot of family was such a wonderful time & memories. One of those memories is of two Keurig’s. My big sis had bought one for herself for Christmas & asked me to set it up (I’m the go to for stuff like this in my family). I was confused since she didn’t drink coffee & whenever I heard Keurig mentioned it was about coffee. She told me there’s tea, cider & even soups…mind was blown & I wanted one. She was like damn she wish she’d known. Big sis also gotten one for my brother & when we went to his place for Christmas we opened it (I set that up to). We shared hot beverages of our choice, laughed, played Uno & made memories using a Keurig for the 1st time.

Fast forward to this holiday. I’d planned to be there but due to some stuff at day job I couldn’t. She sent me a Keurig & I know my sister & she had planned to give me the Keurig this year when I came home for the holiday but instead had it shipped to me so I had it for holiday. My family believes in moments that make memories so I know she did this because of that memory from last year. This year I’m alone (my nephew flew out to join them for holiday) she wanted me to have that memory this year. I’ll open the Keurig & think of her as I have my first cup . When I call them tomorrow I’ll be having a cup (ref pic) & they will too. We’ll have another memory for this year.

It’s not about the Keurig but what it represents-moment with my family, that is now treasured memory.

I know you spotted the coffee in my various K-cups. I don’t usually drink coffee but…caramel is my weakness so gonna try this. Can’t wait. So tick tock to opening the Keurig & making more memories.

Hope you are making memories too.

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