Snippet Saturday – Stop Draggin My Heart Around


Today’s snippet theme is Stop Draggin My Heart Around. Below is a scene from a book I co-authored Aliyah Burke. Enjoy.

mjabrj_ha_august_smallA snippet from Wicked Burn

“Are you meditating, or is there a reason you’re at my door?”

His eyes snapped open at the sound of the smoky voice he had missed so much. He met her topaz gaze hungrily. It still made his heart race. Her dark brown hair was in her usual braid, resting on one shoulder. Her broad forehead was wrinkled in a frown, while her full nose flared. She was so sexy and cute all at once. She licked her lush, dark pink lips. Thoughts of her taste filled his head.

“Have you gone mute?” Yasmine asked.

She crossed her arms over her breasts and leaned against the doorjamb.

“No. Can I come in?” He found his voice.

“Are you here to make more grand declarations?” She looked at him with the suspicious look he loved.

“No.” He stifled a smile.

He had missed her sharp tongue. She stepped back and walked into the house. He stepped in, closing the door behind him. He followed her, watching the sexy sway of her full ass. He had missed a lot of things. Yasmine strode through the kitchen, then out the back patio doors. She sat on a chair by the patio table and curled her legs under her. Sedeo leaned on the railing close to her. He studied her.

“Are you going to speak anytime soon?”

“I’ve missed you, Yasmine.” He smiled softly.

She glanced at him out of the corner of her eyes. “Really? No word for more than three weeks, and you missed me, huh?”

He looked off to the ocean and said, “I couldn’t face you with false promises, without knowing for sure I can deal with what you do.”

“I guess you came to a realization. From your tone, I already know what’s coming. So what is it, Sedeo? The great break up? We already went through this!” Yasmine snapped.

He looked at her. She was sitting with her arms crossed, her back stiff.

“Yes, we have. And Yasmine, I know I can never accept what you do. I’ll always have this ball in my gut when you go to work,” he stated.

“So much for not making any great declarations. Just leave, Sedeo.” Yasmine jumped up and stood at the porch railing, as far away from him as she could get.

She gripped the wood tightly and looked out at the ocean. Sedeo followed her and leaned against the rail next to her. Yasmine stiffened.

“God, Sedeo. I can’t do this again. Please leave.” Her voice was hoarse.

“I can’t,” he replied.

“Why?” She turned to him, her fists clenched.

Her eyes glittered with unshed tears. Sedeo closed the distance between them, and she flinched in response. He ignored her reaction and stiff posture and pulled her against him.

“I can’t live with what you do, but I find not being with you supersedes everything else.”

“What are you saying?” She blinked at him.

“From the first time I laid eyes on you, even though it was during the worst moment of my life, I felt as if I’d been burned. You were burned into my soul. I hated myself for lusting after you when my sister lay dying. For weeks, I thought of you. Then when you came to me all I could think of was I wanted you. But I was still ashamed of myself for it. For weeks after, I stayed away, and then came to you. As I got to know you, I knew then it wasn’t just a sexual attraction, but something more. I fought it because I didn’t want to face what you are. You fight fires, and they killed someone I love.” He raised a trembling hand and smoothed it against her cheek. “I’m afraid it will take you from me.”

“Sedeo, we don’t have any control over when it’s our time to die.”

He rested his forehead against hers. “I know. God, I do. But it scares me your life is in danger whenever you go to work.” He paused and studied her face, then continued. “That will never change, but I can’t be without you. Can’t stand one more moment without you. Holding you and being with you. I love you, Yasmine.”

Yasmine was silent as she studied him. After a few moments, she raised her hand and slapped him upside the head.

“You’re such a dunderhead, Sedeo Parker.”

Copyright © 2009 Aliyah Burke and McKenna Jeffries
All Rights Reserved, Liquid Silver Books.

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