Snippet Saturday – Can’t Fight This Feeling


Today’s snippet theme is Can’t Fight This Feeling (Friends to Lovers). Here is a look at the romantic getaway my characters went on in the story. Enjoy.

An snippet from Conquering Jazz

conqueringjazzblogReese pulled the car into the driveway and turned it off, looking at the beautiful, large stone house. It had the look of a quaint cottage. The sign as they drove in had read “Ellis Hideaway,” but it should have been called Paradise. The place had a charming feeling about it. The unique stones on the house were complimented by wide bay windows, an oak door, and a wraparound porch. Counting the terraces, Reese realized there seemed to be a separate one for each room in the structure’s six floors.

Jasmine asked, “What do you think?”

Turning, he saw she had a smiling, smug look on her face. Usually, he had been the one to initiate them going on a weekend getaway. He leaned in and kissed her, softly and thoroughly, before pulling away.

He saw pleasure fill her eyes when he replied, “You’re beautiful.” Her melodious laughter made his body clench in reaction.

“Come on,” Jasmine said, opening the door and getting out.

Chuckling, Reese got out of the car on his side while she walked around to join him. She hooked her arm with his, gazing at the house. Reese studied the cobblestone walkway, surrounded by lush vegetation on both sides. Manicured gardens of roses and many different flowers were as far as the eye could see. Huge weeping willow trees surrounded the property, making a gate made from nature. Cocking his head, Reese could swear he heard water running. But glancing around, he couldn’t find the source.

Reese turned at the sound of the door opening. He was unable to see the person clearly in the shadows of the porch, but assumed it was a woman by the shape. She came forward and waved at them, and Jasmine waved back.

Curious, he asked, “You know someone here?”

Jasmine glanced at him. “Don’t you recognize her?”

Reese observed the lovely woman coming toward them. She looked familiar. Then realization dawned, and he chuckled. “I thought Chantal was in Italy.”

“She came back a couple of months ago, after this place was ready.”

“She’s the owner?”

“Yes, and Karim is ecstatic that he was able to convince her to buy this place and open the bed and breakfast she always wanted. He’s very pleased to have his sister living nearby.”

Chantal arrived in front of them, embracing Reese before turning to Jasmine and doing the same. She stepped back and studied Jasmine from head to foot, then glanced at him, giving him a wink.

In a lightly accented voice, Chantal said, “Reese Bryant, it’s been a long time, il miele. Still sexy as ever. Why don’t you dump this la vecchia mucca and run away with me?”

Laughing, he took her hand, kissing it as he said, “Chantal, I can’t even dream of having someone of your beauty. Ouch.” He rubbed his stomach where Jasmine had hit him.

“Don’t call me an “old cow,” Chantal,” Jasmine said. Noting her friend’s surprised look, she continued, laughing. “Hah! Didn’t think I knew what you said, did you? I’ve been learning so I can know when you’re insulting me. You better behave, before I forget that you’re family.”

Chantal pouted playfully. “Come on, Jazz, you know I’m kidding with my favorite cousin.”

“Batting those eyes at me won’t work. You only say that to get out of trouble. Try it on your brother, and mine.”

“Pash, my brother is too smart to fall for it, but your brothers are another story. Would it work on you, Reese?”

Chantal started to touch him, but Jasmine stopped her. “Don’t you dare!” Chantal laughed, Jasmine joined her, and they hugged again.

Looking at them, Reese joined in their laughter. Chantal Ellis, Jasmine’s cousin, had lived in Italy for a number of years. She was a lovely woman, trim with light toffee-colored skin, sculpted features, and short, curly hair. Her eyes were the most startling shade of lavender. He knew they were inherited from her father. She gave him a warning glare over Jasmine’s shoulder.

He smiled, trying not to laugh. Chantal was very protective of Jasmine, even though Chantal was younger. Frowning, Reese remembered the last time she had come for a visit. It was right after the Derek fiasco, and it had taken all of them to stop her from going after him. She had a nasty temper.

Chantal had whisked Jasmine away to Italy. After she returned, Jasmine had refused to talk about Derek, and acted as if he never existed. With this trip out of town, Jasmine had ruined his plan to go see Derek. But he was still going, as soon as they got back to New York.

Reese ignored Chantal’s questioning look and shook his head. He sighed as her expression changed to curiosity. A curious Chantal was a bad thing. Unless he could distract her, she would torture him until she found out what was going on.

She stepped back from Jasmine, saying, “I missed you, Jazz. It’s been so long since you came to see me. I thought since I lived closer now, you would come and see me, but you haven’t. Been too busy, I see.” Chantal pointedly looked in Reese’s direction.

Grinning, Reese winked.

Shaking a finger at him, Chantal continued talking to Jasmine. “I was going to drop in on you when I came to New York in a couple of weeks to see Auntie Raina. I’ve been trying to reach her to set it up, but I can’t get her. Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine. Mom is in Paris on a buying trip for the boutique. She’ll be gone for a few months, but you can still come for a visit. You can stay with me.”

“I might. Tell her hi for me when you speak with her,” Chantal said. Then she gestured to the magnificent structure behind her. “So, what do you think?”

“The last time I was here, I knew it was going to be nice, but this is fabulous!” Jasmine replied enthusiastically.

“Thanks. It took me a lot of hard work and time to get it just right, but at last, it’s almost the way I want it. Come on in. You must be tired from the trip. I’ll send the bell hop for your bags.”

“No, that’s okay. I’ll get them,” Reese replied.

Chantal nodded her agreement. She hooked arms with Jasmine and started toward the house. Reese watched them stroll up the walkway, and their laughter followed in their wake. Jasmine glanced back over her shoulder, giving him a sizzling look and winking at him before turning around.

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2008.
All Rights Reserved, Liquid Silver Books.

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