My E-Book Reader and Me

I got a Sony E-Book Reader a little over a year ago. I did some research before I decided on the Sony. I love my Sony reader. It has saved me a lot of money on ink. I used to print out my e-books to read. Anyway I walk with my reader on the train when I go to my day job. Before no one paid me any mind when I pulled it out. But lately more and more people seem to know what the e-book reader is. I’ve gotten questions and had very interesting discussions on what the reader can do and what types there are.

It is fun letting people know about it and my opinions on the other types of readers. I do make sure they know I have only used the Sony so my opinions on others is limited. Usually the first question I get is how many books I can hold on it. When I tell them they look shocked then intrigued. That is one of the things that drew me in. The amount of books I can have on the reader and not have to worry about breaking my shoulder. Imagine carrying around 100 paperback books. Oy.

It is very awesome when I get questions about my reader. The awareness of e-books and readers are growing and it is great. So as I ride my train to work and anyone asks me about my e-book reader I tell them about it and all the books out there to read. I take my reader when I travel and it saves me having to worry about the price of overweight of packing paper books into my bag. Now don’t get me wrong I still love the feel of paper books in my hands (that gives me an idea for a future blog. LOL). I still buy lots of books in paperback. Mostly from series I have started and mainstream published books. I use my reader for mainly books from various e-pubs I frequent.

I’ve also noticed more and more people using readers on the train and when I travel. I’ve even compared my reader to others types. On the train once I exchanged my reader with someone who had a Kindle. We checked each others readers out and then others noticed and asked about them. It turned out to be a very informative and fun conversation.

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