Gadgets Galore

Okay I have a confession. I love gadgets. (grin) Get me near an appliance section or in a computer section of a store and my eyes glaze over and I want to but everything. LOL. I was looking around my office the other day doing some organization in my files and desktop computer when I decided to also organize my laptop. I haven’t really fiddled with it in a bit. As I did I realize I needed to make a trip to the office supply store. My heart started to race and I got a peep in my step. (grin) Did I mention I love visiting the office supply store? So off I went and when I got there I had to control my impulse to buy more than I needed. I was proud of myself I stuck to my list. So I had a nice conversation with the tech about external drives, wireless mouse, and wireless routers (yes I don’t have wireless on my laptop. I am so behind but I’ve been resisting it because I was trying not to buy any new gadgets).

After comparing the different offerings I got what I went for. I couldn’t wait to get home to hook up everything. First I got my new wireless mouse for my laptop all hooked up. Had a little fun playing with it. Next I tackled the external drive I also got for the laptop. I have one already for my desktop and love it. I got a portable external drive that is the size of a paperback book for my laptop. Got it all up and running. Since I wanted my desktop files to also be on my laptop I downloaded all my files from desktop to the external drive for my laptop then uploaded it to the laptop. Once that was all done I was happy. Since by that time it was late I decided to wait before hooking up the wireless. Plan to get to that sometime in the next few weeks.

So what new gadgets have you bought?

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