What makes a family?

I’ve been thinking a lot about families lately. So today when I introduced a new feature to my chat group I started with family. Before I get into why I was thinking of family let me first give you the typical definition and my own.

The Typical Dictionary Definition of Family ~

A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.

The McKenna Jeffries Definition of Family ~

Individuals who share ties either through blood or through a deeper bond that surpasses friendship that shares in each other’s lives to create a close knit unit of familial relations.

Some examples of family are what I have at my chat group McKenna Jeffries List. Another is the one that came out of the blue to me last week.

Last week I had something to celebrate and I was a little sad because my mom wasn’t here to share with me. I celebrated by phone with my sister who lives close to me (she was busy so we didn’t get together to celebrate) and my other family who is to far away to celebrate with me in person. I gave these two ladies I have lunch with everyday who I think of as good friends my news. Even now as I think about this I get teary-eyed. A couple of days after giving them my news they said we were going out to lunch to celebrate. When I said (since it more easy for me to give than receive) why and that wasn’t necessary. One of them said because if your mother was here she would do the same and since she isn’t we’re doing it. The other said because we want to. I was overcome and in that moment I realized that we had surpassed the bonds of friendship and became a family. Thank you P and T (you know who you are) for being there and showing me heck surprising me with a new family.

You see family isn’t about the blood it’s all about what is in the heart. There are millions of definitions you can have of family. Think of some moment in you life and give me what is your own definition of family?


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