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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Royal Impulse my book in the Sariah Wilson’s Kindle Worlds – The Royals of Monterra. Enjoy.

The man blinked a slow sweep of his curly lashes over those pale blue eyes then the skin around them crinkled as he chuckled. “Now I am even more intrigued.”

“Again that is not changing my inclination to wonder why you are lurking and waiting for me.”

“Ok…I could have approached you better.” He smiled a sheepish grin.

“You think.” Melody studied him and decided he was probably harmless.

Besides if needed she could still take him down. It helped to have a sister who was an ex-cop and suspicion. She’d taught them a lot about defense. Add to that a brother who was ex-military and couldn’t tell them what he had done in the service; she knew a lot about defense.

“Excuse me.” He inclined his head and smiled.

It only added to his appeal. Melody looked at him cautiously. Yeah he was so going to be trouble and if she wasn’t careful she wouldn’t know what happened.

“I saw you were taking photos of me.” He smiled. “And I wanted to speak with you.”

“Ok. Why?”

The man wrinkled his nose. And it was cute and she was such a sucker for cute.

“Ummm…” He didn’t look like he knew what to say.

Melody smirked. She got that a lot. Since she was blunt it threw people off when she asked them direct stuff instead of hemming and hawing.

He narrowed his eyes and she saw the speculation in them.

Oh oh…that look bodes so much trouble for me.

“I wanted to get to know you. Get close.” He came toward her all sleek and predatory. “Possibly even more.” He stopped a hairsbreadth from her then leaned down and spoke close to her ear. “That is if you think you can handle it.”

Now he did the wrong thing and issued a challenge to her. Melody turned her head and met his gaze.

“I can handle anything you have,” She paused then. “The problem is you can’t handle me.”

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.

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