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Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Unexpected Dare my book in the Carly Phillips’ Dare to Love Kindle Worlds. Enjoy.

mckennajeffries_unpredictabledareEven as she said it Nolan knew why. She felt him. But that was impossible. Terri turned away and she looked at the men around her. Then she picked one and went to him. In moments the man was lost in dancing with Terri. Nolan shook her head. The guy had no clue. Terri would dance with him but she was as leery as Nolan was. Hell leerier.

He was at her back and Nolan didn’t turn. Instead she moved until she was pressed against him. She danced and Alec placed his hands on her hips and matched her move for move. Closing her eyes Nolan let herself get lost in the music. Alec’s scent filled her senses. He moved his hand and placed it over her stomach. Nolan clenched her thighs together heat flooding her. She bit her lips stifling a moan. Alec pressed against her back was such a temptation.

She turned whimpering as his hand trailed along her hip then settled on the small of her back. Lifting her head slightly she met his gaze. Alec lids were slightly hooded. Nolan placed her hands on his shoulders moving them up his silky shirt to the sides of his neck. She laced her fingers together behind his head. They moved to the side then back and against each other. Nolan breathed in and out enjoying the dance.

Alec lowered his head and put his face beside her ear. “You light up when you dance.” He lowered his voice. “When you’re ready, I am.”

Alec lifted his hands and removed hers from around his neck. He stepped back pivoted on his heels then walked away. Nolan watched him. She was really getting tired of seeing his back as he left.

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