Snippet Saturday – Action


Today’s snippet theme is Action. Below is a scene from a book that I wrote with authors Aliyah Burke and Taige Crenshaw for our free read site called Satin Notes. Enjoy.

magnetisimAn snippet from Magnetism

Looking at the man who had caused her so much pain, Kira waited for the fear to overwhelm her. It didn’t. All she felt was calmness as she gazed at him. She studied David and wondered what she had ever seen in him. The handsome, debonair man she knew was gone. All she saw was a monster who wanted power, a man who had ripped apart her life, and others, to get it. A steely resolve filled her.

“David, I’m going to kick your ass,” Kira said softly.

“You can’t kill me, Kira.” David chuckled.

“I know.” Kira nodded.

Swiftly, she broke his loose hold and moved back from him. The shocked look on David’s face warmed her. He had underestimated her, thinking she would be ruled by fear. But she wasn’t the same Kira she once was. He’d made sure of that when he had betrayed her. In a quick motion, she raised her foot and swiped across his chest. David hissed and fell back, looking down at the blood on his chest. Kira smiled fiercely and cut him again with the blade in her shoe. David roared.

“I don’t want to kill you, David–just bloody you a little, for every second of pain and suffering you caused. The times I couldn’t think. When I thought Challen was dead. All of it.” With each word, she cut him somewhere else.

David tried to block her, but she was relentless, cutting him over and over again. He looked stupefied at all the blood gushing from various places on his body. Kira stifled a laugh at the look. David’s arrogance would be his downfall.

“For deceiving me.” Kira sprang up and turned, swiping across his face.

David roared and grabbed the cheek she had cut open. Kira raised her swords and charged him. David met her, blocking the blows. He hissed as she got one through. Kira ducked out of the way as he swiped for her. She laughed at him. David was enraged, and it left him sloppy. She cut him again, then again and again, over and over. Each cut gave her a sense of peace. David reached out to grab her. Kira slid back away from him. She teetered on the edge of the cliff and righted herself. David grinned evilly and charged her. Kira could see his plan clearly on his face. She waited until he reached her, then twisted out of his way and back kicked him between the shoulders. David’s arms pin-wheeled as he tried to not fall. It was useless. He went over the edge of the cliff as Kira watched him.

“You can’t kill me, Kira!“ David bellowed.

The hate in his voice was palpable. The rage on his face made it an ugly mask. Even after all this, David was too stupid to realize she had no intention of delivering the death blow.

“I know!” she called in return.

Kira turned swiftly and saw the ground littered with bodies and the others watching her. She glanced at the one man who had as much right to kill David as she did.

“Challen,” Kira said.

Challen nodded and smiled fiercely. He raised his hands in the air, and light flew from his fingers. With a howl, a tremendous wind flew around them. Kira glanced back at the cliffs, and David floated up in front of her. He struggled against something that held him.

Challen joined Kira at the edge of the cliff. David looked at him, and fear blossomed on his face. David glanced back at Kira.

“I should have killed you,” he hissed.

“You didn’t, and now, you will die.” Kira shrugged.

“Do you want to bloody him some more, Kira?” She heard the amusement in Killian’s voice.

She glanced at him, then looked back at David. The blood flowing from the various cuts she’d given him made her smile.

“Nah, I’m good.”

The others behind her laughed.

Challen spoke in a musical voice. “I am Traveler Oracle Challen Valen Kirlus. The gateways are mine to protect. The judgment of those who do not heed the law of dimensions is mine to make. David Hollingsworth, you have betrayed the law, and judgment has decreed you will die.”

As Challen finished speaking, a golden film covered David. It started from his feet and continued up his body. As it reached his face, David screamed loudly as he disintegrated. In seconds, he was gone. Kira looked at Challen.

“You’re one badass dude. Remind me never to get on your wrong side.” Kira chuckled.

“Me? You’re the one who wanted to bloody him. Felt good, didn’t it?” Challen bumped shoulders with her.

“Yeah, it did.” Kira curved her hand around his waist.

Copyright © 2008 Aliyah Burke, McKenna Jeffries and Taige Crenshaw.
All Rights Reserved, Satin Notes.

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