Snippet Saturday – Beginnings


Today’s snippet theme is Beginnings. Enjoy.

mj_sn_conqueringjazz_small1An snippet from Conquering Jazz

Jasmine stood outside Reese’s door and wiped her hand down the side of her jeans. She felt nervous, which was silly.

Why are you nervous? You’ve seen him naked. Done the deed more than once. So just go in there, do it again and again, as many times as you can and still walk. Then go home.

Jasmine’s thoughts wandered back to when she had arrived home from work a few hours ago. She had looked across the street to his house, all the lights ablaze. He wasn’t outside, as he usually was before she had started to avoid him. She had felt depressed. Pride had made her go to her own house and refused to knock on his door.

When she had opened her door, she had almost tripped over the box in the entrance. Seeing his sprawling handwriting, she had put her things down and dragged the box further inside, taking it into the living room to open. Setting it on the glass table in the middle of the floor, she had sat down on the plush, coffee-colored carpet.

Realizing she was sitting on the same spot where she’d had sex with Reese, she had gotten heated, then moved so she could think clearly. Pulling off the note, she read it.

To replace the others and a little something for my enjoyment.

Bemused, she opened the box and was shocked to see not just another pair of red lace panties, but an array of sexy lingerie. Taking out each piece, she wondered how he knew what she liked. She knew from the tags that the items were all from her girlfriend Veronica Maddox’s boutique, Intimacies.

Frowning, Jasmine continued to sort through the pieces and recognized they were from the wish list she had at the boutique. Veronica designed sexy, fun lingerie, and kept a profile on each of her clients which listed favorite and wished for items.

Once everything was out of the box except for a specially wrapped smaller box, she realized it was all there–every single thing on her wish list.

Pulling out the cream and purple box with the Intimacies logo on it, she removed the attached card and read it. Seeing Reese’s second note, she breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s still our secret. Veronica wasn’t at the store. I sweet-talked her new assistant into helping me out–anonymously, of course. I couldn’t resist this one item from my own wish list. Wear it for me. See you at nine.

Rereading the card, Jasmine smiled and opened the box. Her breath caught at the beauty of the lingerie. Taking it out, she noted it was lavender. The chemise was made of silk, with tiny details of embroidery in a pale rose color, and trimmed with same color lace. The matching tap pants had the same detail. Also enclosed was a pair of heels in the same pale lavender color. Looking at them, Jasmine had to wonder where he had gotten shoes that color.

Now, shifting on those heels in front of his door, Jasmine shrugged off her uncharacteristic nervousness and rang the doorbell. When he opened the door, his crooked smile made her heart race. His bare chest glistened with a light trace of sweat. She licked her dry lips. The hunger she thought had been appeased the night before roared to life. He held out his hand to her. She took it, curling her fingers around his and letting him pull her into his house–and into his arms.

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2008.
All Rights Reserved, Liquid Silver Books.

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