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July 21st, 2016

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Page Notes ~ All the Wright Moves

July 20th, 2016

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from All the Wright Moves (McKingley, Book #1) a book I co-authored with Aliyah Burke. Enjoy.

The fog of desire cleared from Warwick’s mind. Katiya bit her lips, straightened her shoulders then looked at him.


“Before you list all the reasons why our dating would not work out or say that we are from different worlds and all that, let me just stay that we’re both from the same world. Earth. And this earth man wants to go out with you, an earth woman.” He looked her over again. “Among other things. See you as often as I can and get to know each other very well. So are you ready for that, Katiya Wright, or are you too afraid to give us a chance?”

Katiya’s light hazel eyes narrowed, then a vixenish grin curved her lips. She turned and went back into the house. In moments she returned with a bag that matched her shoes over her shoulder. He bit back a harsh groan as her body brushed his.

“I need to close the door,” she stated.

He stepped back. She closed, locked the door and turned to face him. Warwick’s lips twitched at the challenge in her eyes.

“If you weren’t planning to go out with me, why are you dressed so sexy?” he asked.

She smiled another wanton grin. “You think you have all the answers, Warwick, but if we’re going to date—how did you put it? Often and maybe other things?—the first thing you should learn is when I try for sexy, you’ll know it.” She moved closer and spoke, her breath wafting against him. “This old thing is just the warm up. The next thing is, don’t say anything you can’t back up.”

She went to step away back but he put his hand on her waist, stilling her. Lowering his head, he spoke close to her ear.

“And you’ll know soon, I don’t say things I can’t stand behind.”

Copyright © McKenna Jeffries and Aliyah Burke, 2013.
All Rights Reserved, Totally Bound.

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Jeffisism ~ Key to Life and Happiness

July 18th, 2016

Making time for family and friends is the key to life and happiness.

Copyright © 2016, McKenna Jeffries.
All Rights Reserved.

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Page Notes ~ Conquering Jazz

July 13th, 2016

Today’s Page Notes is a little taste from Conquering Jazz(Sultry Nights, Book 1). Enjoy.

mj_sn_conqueringjazz_small1She inhaled sharply. His eyes followed the movement of her agitated breathing. He looked at her, a fine sheen of sweat coating his face. Jasmine followed the trickle of sweat traveling down his face as it disappeared below his shirt. Her palms dampened as her breathing accelerated.

“I want you hot,” she said.

“How hot do you want it?” Reese growled.

“Steaming…a raging inferno.”

“I can do that. But are you sure you can handle it?” The arrogance was even more obvious in his tone.

Jasmine looked at him with a challenge in her eyes. “Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself.” She looked deeply into his eyes. They were familiar, but she felt as if she was seeing him for the first time.

“You should worry, Jasmine. I’m going to burn you up.”

“I don’t want to lose you as my friend,” she said, trying to slow things down. “If we do this, I feel that I will.”

He muttered under his breath. “What?” she asked.

“Not ‘if’, but ‘when’, Jasmine. ‘When’ we do this,” he repeated.

“Okay. ‘When’ we do this, it’s only between us, in this room, together. I don’t want any misunderstandings. My brothers aren’t to know. No one is to know. It’s between you and me. And after this is done I don’t want to lose your friendship.”

Reese contemplated what she asked. He couldn’t believe, after the long wait, she was finally going to be his. He couldn’t tell her the truth; she wasn’t ready for it. He couldn’t think, with the scent of her arousal filling him. He wanted to devour her, and would agree to anything to have her.

Reese chose the safest answer his desire-fuddled brain could come up with. “You won’t lose me, Jasmine.”

She interrupted him. “I feel like I already am. Why aren’t you calling me Jazz?”

He let his hungry gaze roam, taking in her smooth mocha complexion, chocolate brown eyes, high sculptured cheeks, and luscious mouth, which was begging for him to taste it. Reese resisted reaching over and biting her lush lips.

His gaze lowered, then his mouth watered as he took in her bountiful breasts rising below her snug T-shirt. His eyes traced down her jean-clad, lush hips to the groove between her legs. Reese wet his dry lips, looking at her long legs, imagining how they would wrap around him as he drove deep within her hot, wet canal.

Finally, he raised his gaze to lock with hers. “Because I’m going to be deep inside you while you beg and scream my name for mercy. I see you as Jasmine, a sexy woman, not just Jazz, my friend. Our being friends won’t change. I’ll call you Jazz outside, but in here, every time we’re together, you’re Jasmine, the woman I want, the one whose nails I want to sink deep into my back as I take you every way and any way we can think of.”

“Every time? There will only be this once.”

“No. Once won’t be enough. Hell, even ten times may not be enough. I want you for as long as it takes for both of us to be satisfied. If you only want this one time, then forget it. We can try and pretend this didn’t happen. But if you’re ready for fulfillment of anything and everything you or I can imagine, then tell me yes.”

Stark silence followed. Watching the indecision on her face made a feeling of unease knot his stomach. He hoped she would give him a chance to show her how good it could be between them. He barely heard her whispered answer over the roaring in his ears.


Copyright © McKenna Jeffries, 2008.
All Rights Reserved.

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Jeffisism ~ Dream Reality

July 11th, 2016

Dreams can become reality when you work towards them.

Copyright © 2016, McKenna Jeffries.
All Rights Reserved.

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Weekly Recap ~ Catching Up and New Blog Features

July 8th, 2016

A week of planning and so on. Figuring out what’s coming up. I have a plan and will start doing it soon. I’ve been writing so there will be new stories coming in 2016 from me. Yay!

I’ll also be starting to send out my monthly newsletter. It’s been a while since I did one and I have loads of things I will be announcing in the newsletter. If you haven’t joined yet it’s easy to join my newsletter just sign up here – McKenna Jeffries Newsletter.

With my planning I’m also adding some new stuff to the blog. Here is a quick rundown of what I have planned:

On Saturday’s:

On the Screen – posts about movie, TV, and etc I’m watching.

On the Shelf – posts about what I’ve been reading.

On Sunday’s:

In the Kitchen with McKenna– posts about cooking, baking, and all things kitchen.

This will be various things and so on.

Adventures (Insert one of below) …

– McKenna’s Office
– House
– Neighborhood
– City
– Whatever else I come up with.

I might come up with some other stuff but for now that’s what’s upcoming to the blog.

That’s all for now. I’ll see you next week for my next weekly recap. :)


July 8th, 2016

Ahhh…Friday! Love Friday’s . The weekend is here. I’ll be spending time with my nephew who is staying with me. He’s been here a few weeks already. We’re been having a lot of fun just hanging out. :)

What are you doing this weekend?

I’m back…

March 26th, 2016

Haven’t been around much online. A few months ago I slipped on some ice and hurt my leg. I was in alot of pain. After getting it checked I was given treatment for it. For the last few months I’ve been in physical therapy. So between treatment for my leg and the day job I’ve been really tired. With this I’ve had to delay some plans I had. :(

But awesome news is I’m much better now. :) Now I’m getting ready to start those plans. I’ll post in my newsletter about what I have planned then everywhere else afterward.

Excited to be back and for what I have planned. :)

Jeffisism ~ Dream Big

February 8th, 2016

When you dream, dream big and then set out to fullfill that dream.

Copyright © 2016, McKenna Jeffries.
All Rights Reserved.

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2015 Vacation Fun

February 6th, 2016

Finally posting about my vacation. I’m also doing the same post on my other blogs .
In December 2015 I took the longest vacation I ever had — over 3 weeks. My vacation was 2 parts.

For the 1st part I fulfilled one of my bucket list items by taking a trip to Hawaii. Yay! I went to Hawaii at took a 7 day cruise and on that cruise I was with my family by choice. I have a good friend who became my family by heart and the rest of her family basically adopted me as their own. And my own family by blood adopted my friend and her family. So we became an even bigger family. So I went on holiday with them some of them. Like my own blood family she has a large family. This trip there was 10 of us that went. And we had a blast in Hawaii.vac2

It took me some time to get my sea legs so I walked sideway like I’m drunk. It was suggested I get drunk then I’d be walking straight. LOL.

The view is great and although pic isn’t what I’m seeing it is close. Writing to that view is amazing.


Had so much fun on my cruise. And got plot ideas. :) The ocean breeze was so relaxing.


One of our excursions was Laua. The show they had was beautiful. Loved the fire dancers.


And some other dancing. They move so fast.

After a really sucky airplane ride which ended with them destroying my suitcase which made everything wet since apparently it was raining. Yeah I was pissed and they heard it too. I let that go and enjoyed my time with my family.Vac6

On the second part of my trip I went Home – St. Thomas, USVI. for the holidays I went home – St. Thomas, USVI. I enjoyed spending time with my family (by blood). It was so awesome spending time with them. We laughed, ate and teased. Had a blast.


We played Uno which is one of our favorite games. And I schooled my family once again by being the Uno queen and beating them. If they tell you different they are big fat liars. :)

And that was a wrap to my wonderful trip. I’m glad I got to check off one of my bucket list items by going to Hawaii. And spending time with my family for holidays was a great end to 2015. :)